Well, today I’ve heard from 3 different sources that an offer has been made to ELIJAH WOOD to play Frodo in the three LORD OF THE RINGS movies that Peter Jackson will begin shooting at the end of the summer. Now, I know for a fact that Elijah read for the part, and before that I knew he was looking at the 3 scripts, and before that… Back when Elijah was working on THE FACULTY and we were talking geeky stuff, he expressed that his favorite book was THE LORD OF THE RINGS. So… Where is this? Between this and to story over at Cinescape it sounds like the casting process might be at that point where final decisions are being made. Cinescape is reporting that Timothy Spall (the photographer in “Secrets and Lies”, a film everybody should rush out and rent immediately) has been cast as Gimli in Peter Jackson’s “The Lord of the Rings”! Warwick Davis apparently spilled the beans on this story at the Star Wars Celebration when he admitted that he had auditioned for the part and lost it to Spall. I think this is a brilliant casting move, and it gives me great confidence in Jackson. Spall has the stature and the voice for Gimli. He’ll be great. (He also played Rosencrantz in the Branagh version of “Hamlet”.) I have long been absent, but still I lurk. Wood: Frodo? Call me, Overstreet. So far, I think these are a pair of wonderful choices if this pans out. I’m looking into confirming these right now with folks on LORD OF THE RINGS. But these are the first serious casting choices we’ve received. What with all the Connery stuff and McGoohan, etc… Seems like exciting things are a coming up!