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Darkchylde Film Taking Flight?

Darkchylde Film Taking Flight?
Randy from writes: Just wanted to give a heads up that the first filmic images have been captured of Darkchylde, based on the comic of the same name. I am intimately involved, as is 5 time Oscar Winner Richard Taylor (King Kong, Lord of the Rings) and Weta Workshop, and Dark Horse (Hellboy).

Story revolves around a very pretty girl’s curse that allows her to transform into different creatures from her nightmares. Ariel Chylde is a physical pandora’s box, and these creatures borrow her blood and bones to hitchhike over to our world. Everytime Ariel changes, she sets a different creature free in her small southern town.

We have the A list team, and our expressed goal is to produce an original, beautifully shot, atmospheric horror film, played very straight and very dark, ala a modern Carrie or Ridley Scott’s Alien, with a wicked, sexy cool Underworld vibe. Our only wish is to create a film for the horror fans of the world to get excited about, so everyone please wish us luck!

Promise to report more when able.

~Randy Queen
Darkchylde Ent.

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Or the True Nature of Glamour

Today, the word “glamour” is more closely associated with ’50’s film starlets and glossy magazines than with its original meaning.

Here is what the dictionaries say:

1720, “magic, enchantment” (especially in phrase to cast the glamour), a variant of Scot. gramarye “magic, enchantment, spell,” alt. of Eng. grammar (q.v.) with a medieval sense of “any sort of scholarship, especially occult learning.” Popularized by the writings of Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832). Sense of “magical beauty, alluring charm” first recorded 1840. Glamorous can be dated to 1882 (slang shortening glam first attested 1936); glamorize is dated 1936.

The etymology is intriguing and a little frustrating. “Gammayre” is almost systematically listed as a Sottish variant on “grammar” (14th century), which is of course from Greek grammatike tekhne ‘art of letters’, from gramma ‘letter of the alphabet’. Not much to do with spells, but more with spelling. Hmmm… spells and spelling… it’s tempting, but a bit of a long-jump of faith, casting spells is not really like spelling correctly, despite the magic of putting names to things. [More]

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John Howe’s Journal

With kind permission John Howe has allowed us to re-print his newsletter entries as they are released. Take a look at the latest edition!

The Rest of the Rest – I realize I have been remiss is announcing events in Saint-Ursanne – actually I’ve been a little too busy with what I’ve been doing to think about announcing what I will be doing…

Here are the rest of the dates:

AUGUST 10th Conference/debate With François Rouiller, author & illustrator The theme will be the many faces of Heroes in fantasy. Hotel La Cigogne, 8:00 p.m.

AUGUST 11th Signing session At the cloister. This will begin at 2:00 p.m. and likely last a couple of hours. Normally, we will distribute numbered tickets for a dozen signatures with drawings, the remainder will be signatures only.

AUGUST 23rd Conference/debate Medieval fantasy art, with Sara Petrucci. Restaurant de l’Ours, 7:00 p.m.

SEPTEMBER 1st Conference/debate Fantasy bestiary, with Sara Petrucci. Hotel de la Demi-Lune, 6:30 p.m.

SEPTEMBER 2nd Signing session This will be a joint signature session with Alan LEE, so it’s possible it will turn into a bit of a marathon. This will be Alan’s first (but hopefully not last) visit to Switzerland. The cloister: starting at 2:00 p.m. John

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NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. – July 17, 2007 – returns with its exclusive Annual Readers’ Poll, and this year’s categories are sure to elicit entertaining and shocking results. Should Tobey Maguire continue his reign in the Spider-Man franchise? Will Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt outshine Suri Cruise? readers decide – and maybe they’ll even sway Hollywood hard-hitters’ decisions!

“This is the only place where film fans get a chance to make their own voices heard, and on a range of topics from the serious to the irreverent,” said editorial director Lew Harris. “Last year, Johnny Depp ran away with most of the honors; we’re anxious to see who’s tickled the readers’ fancy this year.”

Today through August 14, fans can visit to cast nominations in categories devoted to individual movies, actors, and other quirky topics. Finalists in each category will be announced August 28 and voting for those nominees will be open until September 25. Official Readers’ Poll winners will be announced on October 2.

Fans will be able to nominate their favorite movies and celebrities in the following categories:

All-Time Bests

Favorite Movie
Favorite Actor
Favorite Actress
Favorite Over-60
Favorite Soundtrack
Favorite Quote

The Next Big Thing

Hottest Upcoming Male
Hottest Upcoming Female
Movie You’re Most Looking Forward To
To Replace Tobey in Spidey 4
To Replace Tom Cruise in MI4
TV Show You Want to See on the Big Screen

Perfect Pictures

Most Romantic Movie
Funniest Movie
Best Sci-Fi Movie
Best Battle Scene
Best Car Chase
Best Performance by an Animal

Hollywood Yearbook

Time to Hang It Up…
In Need of Plastic Surgery
Too Much Plastic Surgery
Most Likely to Run for President
American Idol Most Likely to Next Star in a Movie
Best Celebrity Feud

Favorite Web Sites

Official Actor Site
Official Actress Site
Official Movie Site
Unofficial Movie Site
YouTube Trailer Smash

Movie-Fan Smack!

3D or 2D
Sweeney Todd or Mamma Mia
Golden Compass or Prince Caspian
Downey Jr.’s Iron Giant or Ed Norton’s Hulk
Oscars® or Golden Globes
Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt or Suri Cruise
Borat or Bruno
Brett Ratner or Michael Bay
Superman Returns 2 or… Forget It!
Hellboy 2 or Mummy 3?


Launched in March 2000, provides a broad array of news, original editorial features and services, including show times and ticket sales, to help movie fans make the right choice on movie night. Operated by the Walt Disney Internet Group, its content encompasses films from throughout the film industry and follows them from production through DVD release and interactive gaming extensions. is the home of Jeanne Wolf’s Hollywood and The Oscar® Party Challenge. It has received industry accolades including a 2006 EPpy™ award, a 2007 Webby award and numerous awards from the Web Marketing Association.

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WetaNZ Newsletter, July 2007

Greetings from the Weta Team

Hi everyone

We’ll it’s been a busy couple of weeks since we caught up with you last, so we thought we’d try a new format – basically telling you more with less words … or short and sweet as they say! Hope you enjoy …

Cool Kong Workshops

Wellington gallery TheNewDowse will open their Becoming Kong exhibition last weekend, and to celebrate are hosting heaps of cool Kong workshops with Weta crew!

Collectibles now avail in UK

Good news for UK based collectors. We’ve made select Weta Collectibles pieces that were previously unavailable now ready for purchase in our UK warehouse.

Kong Book Sold Out!

We’ve sold out of Weta Publishing’s first publication, The World Of Kong: A Natural History of Skull Island from our three warehouses! If you want one, you will have to check out our other distributors.

Weta Collectibles secret reveal

Weta Collectibles has just revealed a sneaky teaser of what’s to come next … Could they be on the brink of revealing something big? Why yes they are! Can you guess?

Show exclusive revealed

The show exclusive piece for 2007 that will be available at this years San Diego Comic Con is a miniature version of the Weta Originals ManMelter from the Rayguns range, titled, the ‘Manmelter 3600ZX sub-atomic disintegrator pistol – Miniature Version’.

Forum Blitz Announced

In July, Jane and the Dragon concept artists Frank Victoria and Rebekah Tisch will be blitzing the Weta Forums to answer all those question’s you’re dying to know on how the characters from the series came about.

New Zealand and Australian special offer

We’ve given Londoner’s the chance to get their mitts on an exclusive King Kong Weta Collectibles; American’s the offer to purchase a show exclusive and now we’re running a special competition for our local antipodeans!

Pre-ordering opens for second Raygun

You can now pre-order the second of the Weta Original Rayguns, the F.M.O.M. Wave Disrupter Gun! The gun has many articulated parts and as such should only be operated by adults or very clever children.

New concept art

We’ve revealed exclusive concept art from the crew that came up with the Hellgate: London Weta Collectibles, and the designers that worked on early King Kong ideas and Jane and The Dragon concept sketches – check it out!

Weta’s Body Art Sculptures

Weta Bug reveals the sculptures created for the Body Art Awards, and Senior Prosthetics Supervisor Gino Acevedo gives us his thoughts on the competition.

Jane and the Dragon on the big screen

Jane and the Dragon will be showing on the big screen at Wellington kids museum, Capital E in the school holidays, 9-14 July.

Weta’s special dyslexia project

Earlier this year, we were invited to contribute to a very special project, to raise awareness for the New Zealand Dyslexia Foundation, and in May the sculpture was launched to the world …

The making of Superman

Weta Bug interviews Superman Returns Visual Effects Supervisor Mark Stetson and asks him – how did the crew pull off the VFX?

Secret Kids Project!

Weta Bug discovers a very cool kids project the design team are working on, called ‘Champ the Chopper’.

Meet the Crew

Designer Brad Goff loved working with Christian Gossett on The Red Star series, and for WetaHolics, reveals never seen before pix!

Franklin’s Kong Pressie

Weta Co-Director Richard Taylor was raised in Te Hihi, Franklin, a small town of NZ, and donated a special King Kong sculpture to the special town this month…

Lonely Dog exhibition opens in NZ

Weta Bug schmoozes with the Lonely Dog lovers and reports on the official opening party of the Auckland art exhibition…

San Diego Comic Con

The Weta team will be out in force at the San Diego Comic Con in July. And as Comic Con nears, there will be plenty to talk about for you collectors out there… We’ll be revealing more as Comic Con nears, so be sure to book mark for your Weta News, as it happens.

That’s it from the team here at Weta for now.

If you’ve got a friend who you think might enjoy these newsletters, why not forward this along and encourage them to sign up by emailing

The Team @ Weta

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Lord of the Rings London Musical Review

A fan’s review of the London Lord of the Rings musical

You can’t squeeze a book the size of the Lord of the Rings into a 3 hour musical and satisfy either the hard core fans or those new to the story. But, I think they did a great job regardless. The pace is breath taking, but the core of the story comes through. The music suited the mood well enough and the staging and the solutions to bring much loved characters to life worked brilliantly. The hobbits came on stage while the audience was still coming in, and performed a little skit about catching fireflies, which was very endearing, and morphed into a song which without further fuss opened the musical.

Spoilers ahead!

The toughest characters to portray well were fantastic. Gollum was a writhing, menacing, wretched little creature. The dark riders were a marvel, scary and imposing. They were created by an actor on stilts, with the body and head of the horse supported by a pole that the actor manipulated, which was at square angles to the stilts. The ents you can’t really do on stage, but the solution to put the actors on stilts resulted in dignified beings with booming voices. Shelob was truly terrifying and the audience’s reaction was a pleasure to behold. The effect was created by several actors in dark outfits who worked the legs and the body – in much the same was as the Treebeard puppet was made to move in Peter Jackson’s movie. With the dark stage, all you initially saw were the long legs, advancing on poor Frodo.

Which brings me to the parts that didn’t work so well. With little time to develop character or portray favorite scenes from the book, many characters were pale shadows of themselves, or wholly missing. For me the main disappointments were Aragorn and Gimli. Aragorn was too theatrical, with too little heart. However, his scene with dying Boromir was very moving, and the scene in front of the gates of Mordor where he gives a passionate speech to his fellow men in arms was thrilling. Gimli was cast based on his short stature and the actor’s voice had too high a pitch – but John Rhys Davis is a tough act to follow. Gandalf, Sam, the other hobbits and Galadriel all moved me well enough.

For a musical there wasn’t actually that much music, beyond the music that set the mood in the background – no doubt the result of cutting 40 minutes of the length. Even then, I slightly resented the moments when characters burst out into song, unless it was appropriate to the story (e.g. singing at the Prancing Pony). Musicals aren’t really my thing, though, so others may feel wholly different on this. Also, the three different types of music didn’t always interact harmoniously. Varttina’s music was mostly used for ominous parts and the evil characters. The hobbit-y music and elvish music were very different from each other and from Varttina’s, which in itself was fine, but the transition from one to the other was sometimes jarring.

So what was in and what was out? Highlight to read on!

Tom Bombadil was out, which is no surprise. Rohan and the characters of the Golden Hall, along with the battle of Helm’s Deep and the love story between Eowyn and Faramir were completely cut. However, Boromir looked more like Eomer, complete with long, blond hair, and Denethor’s failing health and subsequent resurrection by Gandalf reflected more Theoden than the Denethor of the books. Wormtongue and Theodred weren’t included either. Pippin and Merry’s journeys are very much pruned: Pippin doesn’t look into the Palantir (in fact Palantirs are not even mentioned), neither pledges alliegence their chosen kings, and their role in the destruction of Orthanc is hardly mentioned. Scouring of the Shire was gone, although the Shire had been badly spoiled by Saruman’s passing by and Sam got to use his gift from Galadriel. And, Saruman lives! There’s a confrontation between Gandalf and Saruman earlier, after which Saruman is allowed to leave. Later, on the hobbit’s return to the Shire, there are two lines about Saruman having passed that way and being of no further harm to anyone.

Passing mention is made of the evolution of Gimli and Legolas’s relationship from antagonism to friendship. Faramir is a minor side character (blink and you’ll miss him), which means that the meeting of Frodo, Sam and Faramir never takes place. Celeborn I either missed completely or wasn’t there. Also, Gimli’s love of Galadriel gets a short nod. Frodo is stabbed in the Prancing Pony, not Weathertop.

We do have the long awaited party, Gandalf and Saruman scene in Orthanc where Saruman’s treachery is revealed, and a few times where Bilbo and Frodo disappear when they put on the ring (the first time, when Bilbo uses the ring at his party was so well done, that I don’t know to this day how they did it!). Moria and Balrog’s battle with Gandalf were well done, except that the face of the Balrog creature looks silly.

Arwen and Aragorn’s story is fairly well developed, which is why the fact that Arwen wasn’t part of Aragorn’s coronation was so shocking. They do share a moment and a kiss earlier on, and also during the end when the actors come to bow to the audience.

All in all, I was delighted with the musical, cuts and all. If you do have a chance to see it, I can highly recommend it!

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Dragon Con’s Tolkien Track wants your shorts!

On the Saturday evening of DragonCon, the Tolkien Track is pleased to present the first Tolkien’s Middle-earth Fan Film Festival. The highlights of our evening will be the screening of ‘Middle-earth Idol’ by MARS Productions and the video documentary ‘Ringers: Lord of the Fans’. We are looking for short fan produced films to show leading up to our featured presentation.

That is where you come in! Maybe you have a movie camera and a backyard with lots of trees, perfect for hunting Elves. Perhaps your artistic skills in drawing Hobbits and animating them are finely tuned, and you have been itching for the chance to show off. Some of you might already have a film that you just want to share with everyone at the track. Here’s your chance!

For additional information, please go to the Tolkien Track site and click here then click on the fan film link, or contact Zhie at

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Behold ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Musical: The Musical!’

Ben writes: I noticed that you guys were reporting on the opening of LOTR in London, and I thought I’d get in touch with you about a related project of mine: “The Lord of the Rings: The Musical: The Musical!” For about 8 months now my writing partner and I have been working on this, and on July 4th the show is going to premiere at the Toronto Fringe Festival. The show tells the story of the LOTR musical’s run in Toronto: the massive hype leading up to opening night and the show’s very sudden failure. The main character is a naive, LOTR-loving writer who is trying to make his dream of an LOTR-musical come true, but he runs into trouble when he falls in love with the wife of the evil British producer. Our show is going to have seven performances for the duration of the festival, and we’re hoping to organize another run later in the Summer.

I’m trying to get the word out to as many LOTR/theatre fans as possible and I was wondering if you guys knew of any Toronto-based LOTR organizations/communities that might be interested, or if you had any ideas for sending the message out to Toronto’s LOTR fans. I also understand that your staff is located all around the continent, so if any of you happen to be in Toronto in July we would of course love to have you come to the show.

If you want more information about our show, check out

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Celebrate the Summer Solstice in Middle-earth

The Lord of the Rings Online game will celebrate the first annual Summer Solstice Festival live for three weeks. The first of many planned seasonal festivities, the festival will offer players a number of unique quests, vendors and activities.

Turbine (US) and Codemasters (Europe) provide the update as part of the quest to attract and retain monthly subscribers who want to play in and explore an online version of Middle-earth populated with other players participating live.

The Summer Solstice Festival is called different things by different races. Whether it’s the Lithe Festival (Hobbits), Summerdays (Men), Summerfest (Dwarves) or the Festival of Enedhin (Elves), they all share the common themes of summer including planting, dancing, drinking, games and fireworks. Players can celebrate throughout
Middle-earth from June 20th to July 10th by interacting with special vendors and participating in quests designed just for the festival.

According to a press release from Turbine activites include:

  • Dancing – There will be dancing quests with new race-specific dance emotes as a reward.
  • Fireworks – Players who collect fireworks from each of the four vendors in the Summer Solstice Festival will receive a unique firework.
  • Scavenger Hunts – Players can participate in one of three scavenger hunts that will grant them unique special recipes, seeds and pipeweed.
  • Hobnanigans – Join in madcap chicken-chasing games! There is an arena near the Bree Festival Grounds with two team captains as quest bestowers. Once twelve players are ready, the “Game Hen” will appear in the center of the arena and players will use a stick to persuade the chicken around the arena. Each team will have to get the chicken into a goal at the far end of the field three times within a certain time limit.The Lord of the Rings Online delivers an interactive experience brimming with life and filled with the familiar people, places and monsters from the most beloved fantasy adventure of all time. From the quaint surroundings of the Shire to Angmar, the vile kingdom of the Witch-king, players can experience Middle-earth online. The Lord of the Rings Online is now available for purchase at major retailers across North America and Europe. For more information about visit
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    ‘WaterHorse’ Teaser On YouTube

    A poster on YouTube has put up a special teaser cut together for the Rock Ness Music Festival. TORN’s good friend and producer Barrie Osborne, who also produced the LOTR trilogy, and director Jay Russell have adapted Dick King-Smith’s classic novel about the Loch Ness Monster into a full length feature film. Take a look at the clip!

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    Actors’ lawsuit against New Line has ‘absolutely nothing’ to do with Jackson’s

    The suit filed by fifteen New Zealand actors over money possibly owed them in a contract dispute involving merchandising has nothing at all to do with New Line’s famous dispute with Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson according to the actor who instigated the action.

    Bruce Hopkins
    Bruce HopkinsGamling

    New Zealand actor Bruce Hopkins (Gamling) informed exclusively that the whole suit came about because of a clause in his contract that he took seriously enough to bring to the attention of a lawyer.

    As hard as it may be to believe, this has absolutely nothing to do with Peter and New Line or their current situation,” he said by e-mail. “I have been incredibly inspired by Peter because of his ability to live his life in the midst of what he loves…So possibly I took some courage from seeing him stand his ground when he felt he needed to, but no, I am in fact tempted to feel a little guilty that Peter and Fran (heard) of this through the media here in New Zealand.Hopkins has been working on his cause for two years and the story went public when media requested comments in response to the lawsuit filed May 30 in Los Angeles County Superior Court. Hopkins has since contacted Jackson and other notables from the films to fill them in on the details of the legal action.

    The process started when Hopkins, aware of a clause in his contract that provided a percentage of merchandising, approached entertainment lawyer Phillip Rosen in Los Angeles and then on legal advice approached other actors who would have a similar contractual clause. After Rosen’s efforts with New Line, the case was taken on by Henry Gradstein, a notable entertainment lawyer who has handled notable royalty accounting cases.

    As hard as it may be to believe, this has absolutely nothing to do with Peter and New Line or their current situation

    – Bruce Hopkins – Actor (Gamling in LOTR)

    I am a well known litigator who has championed the cause of the little guy,” Gradstein said in a phone interview.

    We thought that case was a just cause. When you have a cause that’s the right cause, and it is fair – it’s a David and Goliath story no doubt.

    A studio insider that spoke to on condition of anonymity had an entirely different view of things.

    New Line bet the house on this film and they put literally hundreds of millions of dollars directly into the New Zealand economy.

    I personally believe all the people associated with this film have been fairly and adequately compensated for their time and effort and that includes Peter Jackson. To sue the studio because the film was as successful is just plain greed.

    The whole process started after Hopkins’ interactions with Lord of the Rings fans, not the powerful film director.

    Gamling Merchandise from Games WorkshopQuite honestly it was getting out to fan conventions where I saw the dedication of the fans and the amount of merchandise that was being dealt with, that I began to want some indication of how this reflected in terms of the merchandise clause I had in my contract. There were no other residual clauses in the contract so this stuck out for me,” said Hopkins.

    Initially his cast mates were slow to join the suit, fearing professional retribution.

    Many of the actors were cynical and almost not interested, and yes, a number of them feared being blackballed, not just by New Line but by local production companies, as well as being ridiculed locally,” Hopkins said from New Zealand.

    The story broke when Variety did a story based on the lawsuit filed May 30, in Los Angeles County Superior Court. The lawsuit asks for profits based on the actors’ character’s licenses which were swallowed up by accounting, including “gross participation” fees.

    According to Gradstein the legal action will take “about a year” to resolve and the contract is pretty clear. He said in such contracts there is often a provision for a distribution fee but such a provision was not present in the contracts in this case, although New Line reportedly still deducted a significant amount of money.

    The expenses will always be approximately 104 percent (of the income). It’s Hollywood accounting,” Gradstein said in a story by Associated Press.

    The expenses will always be approximately 104 percent (of the income). It’s Hollywood accounting

    – Henry Gradstein – Entertainment Lawyer

    The contract is so clear,” Gradstein told

    Hopkins suspects that the other actors aren’t eager to have their names associated with the press coverage the story is getting.

    If anything, being in New Zealand heightens the chances of being struck out (of acting) as it were. We are a small industry down here and there is little work to go around most of the time so to risk being blacklisted here is a death knell to surviving as an actor locally.

    New Line has a company policy of declining comment on existing litigation.

    According to Gradstein each of the actors stands to make different amounts of money in the lawsuit, according to sales of each character’s image.

    Bruce headed the group of actors, Phil Rosen, spent time getting New Line trying to agree so when it was clear that wasn’t going to work they came to me,” Gradstein said. “It took persistence to get it (the case) to me. They did their due diligence.

    According to Gradstein his firm accepts about one of ten cases offered to it.

    The suit is at least the third over profits from New Line’s Lord of the Rings films.

    Jackson’s own lawsuit against New Line over profits from DVD sales on the “Fellowship of the Ring” DVD went public when Jackson released a letter through detailing why the potential “Hobbit” movie was not going to be made by him in the near future.

    Producer Saul Zaentz and his Tolkien Enterprises reached settlement with New Line for about $20 million before that dispute reached the legal system.

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    Lord of the Rings Online Expands!

    TURBINE and Codemasters Online gaming unveil ‘BOOK 9: SHORES OF EVENDIM’ FOR THE LORD OF THE RINGS ONLINE™

    The #1 Selling PC Title in North America, Germany, UK and France Expands

    WESTWOOD, MA – June 5, 2007 – Today, Turbine, Inc. and Codemasters Online Gaming announced the details of the first free update for subscribers to The Lord of the Rings Online™: Shadows of Angmar™, the #1 selling PC title in North America, Germany, UK and France. Book 9: Shores of Evendim, the first of many planned free updates to the world of Middle-earth, introduces an entirely new landscape region, over 100 additional quests, the battle for Helegrod raid, nine new monsters and major enhancements to monster play and the music system. The Lord of the Rings Online has been enthusiastically received by many gaming critics, including The New York Times, USA Today, Yahoo!, PC Gamer, GameSpot and Game Informer in the US as well as The Sunday Times, The Guardian, CVG, Eurogamer, PC Juegos and 4Gamers in Europe.

    “The Lord of the Rings Online has taken the world by storm and we’re thrilled with the community’s response to the game,” said Jeffrey Anderson, president and CEO of Turbine, Inc. “Shores of Evendim offers an enormous amount of content that delivers even more value to our subscribers.”

    David Solari, Vice President and General Manager of Codemasters Online Gaming, commented “We are ecstatic to unveil the first in a long line of planned free updates to The Lord of the Rings Online. In just over six weeks, thousands of players have already experienced the world of Middle-earth.”

    As the Fellowship prepares to leave Rivendell, Aragorn must re-forge Narsil, the Sword of Elendil. Gandalf has asked for help in Aragorn’s search of the lands of Evendim for an ancient jewel that once belonged in the sword’s hilt. This powerful relic must be recovered before the Dark Lord Sauron finds it. Players are challenged to secure the valuables of the abandoned city, defy Angmar’s encroaching grip on Annúminas, and aid Aragorn in his quest to re-forge Narsil.

    Beginning June 13th, heroes can adventure to the Shores of Evendim, the first of many free updates to The Lord of the Rings Online.


    • Discover Evendim — About 100 miles north of the Shire, in northern Eriador, lies Evendim, a vast region dominated by the Lake Nenuial, the ‘Lake of the Twilight’. On the southern shore, the ancient abandoned city of Annúminas — the former capital of the kingdom of Arnor ­is well known amongst the Free Peoples. For according to the Legends, amidst its ruins lay a great wealth and powerful artifacts now threatened by evil creatures and the nefarious forces lurking in Angmar.
    • Over 100 New Quests — The story continues for players as they aid the Fellowship and encounter new adventures, characters and monsters including the Rogmûl!
    • Raid in the Battle for Helegrod — Challege the fearsome dragon Thorog in a massive 24-player raid in the Misty Mountains.
    • Major Updates to the Music System — In addition to the new percussion and bass instruments, players can now utilize a new music notation system that enables them to compose music offline and upload it to your character in-game.
    • New Collectible Armor Sets — Seven new sets of epic armor enable players to gain progressive bonuses for each piece of armor worn from a set.

    The Lord of the Rings Online delivers an interactive experience brimming with life and filled with the familiar people, places and monsters from the most beloved fantasy adventure of all time. From the quaint surroundings of the Shire to Angmar, the vile kingdom of the Witch-king, players will experience the world of Middle-earth as never before. The Lord of the Rings Online is now available for purchase at major retailers across North America and Europe. For more information about The Lord of the Rings Online, please visit or

    About Turbine

    Turbine, Inc. is a premier developer, publisher and operator of online entertainment and is headquartered in Westwood, Massachusetts. The company is one of the largest privately-held online games companies in North America. Turbine’s catalog includes some of the most famous online entertainment brands, including Asheron’s Call®, DUNGEONS & DRAGONS ONLINE™: Stormreach™, and The Lord of the Rings Online™: Shadows of Angmar™. For more information on Turbine, its products and services please visit

    About Codemasters

    Codemasters is a leading developer and publisher of best-selling interactive entertainment products for a global audience on current and future gaming platforms and channels. Established in 1986, the company’s dominant brands include Colin McRae Rally, TOCA Race Driver, LMA Manager, Brian Lara Cricket and Operation Flashpoint. The company is headquartered in Southam, Warwickshire UK and maintains operations in the US, Germany, France, Spain, and Benelux. More information about the company and its products is available online at

    About Tolkien Enterprises

    The Saul Zaentz Company d/b/a Tolkien Enterprises is the holder of worldwide motion picture, legitimate stage, merchandising, and other rights in J.R.R. Tolkien’s literary works The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Tolkien Enterprises has been producing and licensing films, stage productions and merchandise based on Tolkien’s works for almost 30 years. Its headquarters are in Berkeley, California, and its website may be found at

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