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Archive for the ‘Old Main News’ Category

Viggo Mortensen: ‘It makes sense to pay attention’

It makes sense to pay attention NEW YORK (AP) — Viggo Mortensen is looking out the window. Across the street from his Manhattan hotel, he notices a man on a balcony and wonders aloud what the man is doing, what his life is. The moment makes him ponder, “What does that mean?” “Basically, I think life is relatively short,” Mortensen concludes. “We’re not here that long and I think we’re lucky to be here. “And it makes sense to pay attention.”

‘It makes sense to pay attention’

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Exploring Middle-earth – Whitfurrows

Exploring Middle-earth – Whitfurrows
Vanessa “Saffron” Price, Online Community Representative for The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar, writes: On your next visit to the Shire, be sure to tour the quiet and charming village of Whitfurrows. In true Hobbit fashion, it’s a pleasant place to meet and share tales (and second and third breakfasts!).

Exploring Middle-earth – Whitfurrows Discuss

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Pop Sensation AJ Michalka Cast In Jackson’s ‘Lovely Bones’

Pop Sensation AJ Michalka Cast In Jackson’s ‘Lovely Bones’ She’s best known as one half of a powerhouse duo, but AJ Michalka is about to go solo in a big way, the 16-year-old singer beamed, revealing that she’s set to appear in Peter Jackson’s “King Kong” follow-up, “The Lovely Bones.” “It’s like a dream role,” she enthused, nearly jumping up and down with excitement. “I’m playing the best friend of the girl who gets murdered. I was flipping out [when I heard I won the part]. I’m really, really stoked.”

Pop Sensation AJ Michalka Cast In Jackson’s ‘Lovely Bones’

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Henry Gee Given Reins at ‘Mallorn’

Henry Gee, the author of The Science of Middle-earth (which began life here on Green Books) has taken over the editor’s chair at Mallorn, the Journal of the Tolkien Society. Mallorn is usually published annually and takes reviews, fiction, criticism and artwork of interest to Tolkien aficionadoes. But Henry wants to ramp up the journal’s visibility, with a new design, more frequent publication and a change of focus. “Tom Shippey wrote that Tolkien was the Author of the (20th) Century”, says Henry. “But that was then, and Mallorn will be there to chart Tolkien’s evolving influence into the 21st”. He can be reached at

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WETA Press Update

Chocolate Fish Cafe to Close? Here’s the news from Weta HQ this week.

Hercules [Link II]
Medieval [Link II]
Further details of Weta’s work on Prince Caspian revealed
The Halo Warthog gets a test drive
Champ The Chopper launch a success
New Rayguns inspired fan art
Moon suit wearing character in Dr Grordbort’s world introduced
NZ Event: Body Art Rocks Preview
ManMelter Raygun named ‘Most Stunning Raygun’ in fan poll

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‘The Waterhorse’ Video Blogs

 'The Waterhorse' Video Blogs Director Jay Russell sent this along: Sony just posted the first of what will be 18 video blogs which will premiere on our official website very week. The first features LOTR mega-producer Barrie Osborne.

‘The Waterhorse’ Video Blogs

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Howard Shore Interview

Howard Shore Interview Jamey DuVall from Movie Geeks United! writes: Just wanted to let you know that my podcast show MOVIE GEEKS UNITED!, available to a global audience throught he internet or iTunes, interviewed composer Howard Shore this past Sunday, September 23. You can access the show anytime on replay by visiting our page.

Howard Shore Interview

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New Line Fine: What Does it Mean?

New Line Fine: What Does it Mean? Author Kristin Thompson writes: The recent announcement that a judge has fined New Line Cinema $125,000 is a major step forward in Peter Jackson’s lawsuit. On my blog, I’ve taken a stab at explaining some of the background of that suit and what this new development might mean for the Hobbit film.

New Line Fine: What Does it Mean? Discuss

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Lord of the Rings Inc.

Lord of the Rings Inc. It’s hard to remember now, when every respectable household contains the Special Extended DVD Edition of Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings, but the celebrated trilogy was once considered a somewhat iffy proposition. That’s part of the explanation for how Jackson, a rather obscure director from Kiwiland, was able to gain artistic control over what Newsweek once called “the most expensive and ambitious movie project in history.” And by filming in New Zealand, where he had built his very own world-class production facility, Jackson was able to use the Pacific Ocean as a moat, protecting him from Hollywood interference. The result was that rare thing, a global film franchise that bears a personal stamp — an intimate epic.

Lord of the Rings Inc. Discuss

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Down the pub with Tolkien and C. S. Lewis

Down the pub with Tolkien and C. S. Lewis There is magic in the last line of The Lord of the Rings. To recap: the stolidly courageous Sam Gamgee, having watched his best friend, Frodo Baggins, sail towards the Grey Havens and into a kind of death, is left to walk back to the Shire where he finds his wife and children waiting with the promise of a quiet life far from the slaughter of the War of the Ring. J. R. R. Tolkien finishes with the sentence: “‘Well, I’m back,’ he said”. It is a touchingly understated conclusion which returns the prose to the homely simplicity of the inaugural chapters after the archaic epic mode of The Return of the King. However, as Diana Pavlac Glyer tells us in her scholarly and perceptive study The Company They Keep, this is not how Tolkien originally intended to finish his trilogy. He had in mind a further epilogue, set sixteen years after the events of the rest of the book, which would have provided another, superfluous glimpse into Gamgee’s domesticity. In this ultimately excised version, a grey-haired Sam reads stories of his adventures to his children, spinning them tales of wizards and orcs and walking trees. There is even the faint suggestion that Sam has been narrating the story of The Lord of the Rings itself, before, at last, we depart the Shire for good, leaving Sam and Rose in a state of connubial bliss, tale-telling by the fireside.

Down the pub with Tolkien and C. S. Lewis

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‘Show us Your Hobbit Pride’ Giveaway!

Show us Your Hobbit Pride Giveaway is celebrating! Click on the logo above to particpate in our ‘Hobbit’ 70th Anniversary celebration!

‘Show us your Hobbit Pride’ Giveaway

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Sideshow Celebrates the Hobbit 70th Anniversary

Celebrate the AnniversarySideshow Collectibles is joining in the celebration today:

“This weekend, Sideshow is proud to join fans of J.R.R. Tolkien world-wide in celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the publication of ‘The Hobbit’! To help add to the celebration, we’ve arranged some special Sideshow mathoms for you! Check out our special LOTR discounts, our new Balrog Legendary Scale bust preview, a brand new LOTR-themed poll, and our ‘Ode to Bilbo’ comment contest, in which you could win a Shelob statue, King of the Dead Statue, a Cave Troll Hammer, or a Crown of the King of the Dead simply for participating. Follow the link to get all the details”

Sideshow Celebrates the Hobbit

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