memadness2013-finalfourThe Final Four combatants in the 2013 edition of  Middle-earth March Madness are set! With thousands of votes cast in the last round, we can now announce the champions of each division….

The Shire Division

As the number one seed in The Shire, (1) Galadriel skated through the entire division easily handling Nori, Huan, Morgoth and now Luthien. Based on her popularity in these match-ups, she is going to be a tough one to beat in the Final Four.

The Erebor Division

The Lord of Rivendell, (6) Elrond, the lowest seed left in the tournament, had a tough second and third round to make it the division lead. But can Elrond handle his old friend Gandalf the Grey?

The Mordor Division

In a surprise victory, the third seed (3) Thorin Oakenshield took out number one seed (1) Smaug. It seems Thorin is still benefiting from the RA Army, but he now has his hands full with The Lady Galadriel. Thorin’s journey to the Final Four has been nothing short of miraculous, often causing most of the heated discussions in the comments of the entire tournament.

The Angmar Division

In a battle of top Angmar division seeds, (2) Gandalf took out early tournament favorite (1) The One Ring. It can be said Gandalf had an easy time dispatching his opponents to make it to the Final Four, but how will he fair against his friend Elrond?

Voting in the Final Four starts right now and will close on April 5th at 10pm ET!

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Thanks to all who voted in our Middle-earth March Madness Shirt poll. We should be posting details about the shirt shortly!