Warner Bros. officially released The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey TV spot #8 today. For those who have seen all of the other TV spots and/or the movie trailers, the 32 second spot doesn’t present anything new, but who’s going to pass up watching 32 more seconds of Hobbit-goodness? Speaking of new footage, however, discussion board members who watched the Charlie Brown Christmas special on ABC in the states last night are reporting that they got a glimpse of (Highlight for spoiler) Smaug’s tail hurling what looked to be a fireball towards what looked to be Dale in a TV spot run during that show. So, keep your eyes peeled, and in the mean time, enjoy the latest TV spot!


  1. Jack Woolverton

    I recorded Charlie Brown and yes, it looked like a dragon spewing fire on a town. The wing and tail can be seen and seem to be a graying brown, sort of reminiscent of the beast the Nazgul rode. (I slow-moed it.) The first time I watched it I almost missed it and had to do a double take. lol

    • Shelob'sAppetite

      So, what are you waiting for? Upload it to the internet! 🙂

  2. Well, It’s got a rating now. I was 9 when I played Bilbo in 4th grade. PG-13 means they’ve upped the violence and frightening bits. Good move, PJ (not being facetious).

  3. Aili Flameblade

    Awesome spoiler cover-up. Can’t wait for new TV spot!

  4. Lecrazy

    The same TV spot ran during the X Factor tonight. There were good shots of Smaug, Dale, and epic battle, and Dol Guldur.


  6. AustindPowers

    someone recorded it via video camera… but here it is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7V_ZT6NGd2k

  7. Brian

    Wow! Glamdring is actually glowing BLUE in this TV Spot! They finally got it right! Now all they have to do is go back and make it blue in the LOTR Blu Rays in the next edition. God I am such a nerd.

    • Delpheas

      I think it only looks like it’s glowing because of the speed it’s moving at.

  8. Jovan

  9. 7Seti

    Poor quality recording, but you can see Smaug quite clearly.

  10. Eagles! There are eagles! And Dol Guldur right at the end is just plain awesome. 25 more days for us in Oz unless the world ends on the 21st then I will be very ticked off.

  11. vincent

  12. George tinker

    wheres smaug

  13. DVader2

    I don’t see Smaug or Dale anywhere, what are you guys talking about?

  14. name

    Well, I see no smaug in this TV spot

  15. dragonsword


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