The riddle has been solved.  Those mysterious ‘Bilbo-ards’ (thanks to facebooker Jesse for that joke!) with their secret, runic message have been explained.

A week or so ago, giant advertisements appeared in Los Angeles, showing images of breakfast foods but with no writing except for lines of runes.  Those who could decipher the runes affirmed the message suggested by the accompanying photographs: the runes read, ‘The breakfast riches of Middle-earth await.’  What did it mean?

Now, can reveal the answer to the riddle.  Middle-earth is coming to Denny’s!  We are delighted today to be attending an event at their headquarters in Spartanburg, SC, where Denny’s are unveiling their new The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey inspired menu items and memorabilia – which will be available at ‘America’s Diner’ from 6th November.  Staffer greendragon is there in SC, getting a sneak preview of the new menu items!

Even those with only a casual acquaintance with the furry footed creatures created by J R R Tolkien know of their love of food.  As Bilbo tells us in The Fellowship of the Ring, ‘It has been remarked by some that Hobbits’ only real passion is for food’.  It seems appropriate, then, that the forthcoming Hobbit movie should be celebrated by a restaurant chain; especially one which excels in making breakfasts so good – pancakes, maple syrup, ‘nice, crispy bacon’! – that you’d gladly eat two of them.  Not to mention luncheons, dinners, and even elevenses…

At their press conference today, Denny’s marketing team shared details of their partnership with Warner Bros. Pictures ‘to bring menu items and one-of-a-kind memorabilia to the national diner inspired by the highly anticipated epic adventure The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’.  Frances Allen, chief marketing officer of Denny’s Corporation, said, “We were inspired by the imaginative world of Middle-earth and wanted to offer fellow fans an equally inspired food experience to share in the excitement and anticipation for the upcoming debut.”

Denny’s new Middle-earth themed menu will include items such as a ‘Hobbit Hole Breakfast,’ ‘Shire Sausage,’ and ‘Seed Cake French Toast.’  (Is this what Frodo had in mind when he hastily packed what looked like a seed cake as he set out from Bag End to Bree?!)  The restaurant’s press release goes on with more exciting news – because it wouldn’t be a movie tie-in without something for the collectors amongst us!

‘In conjunction with movie-inspired menu tie-ins, Denny’s guests will have exclusive access to collectible trading cards designed around the film.  With the purchase of select Hobbit-inspired entrees, guests will receive a trading card pack, including collectible cards and Denny’s coupons. Guests are invited to visit Denny’s diners nationwide for a chance to collect all 12 exclusive trading cards. Fans can also experience additional movie content by scanning one of four QR codes on Denny’s placemats in-restaurant, including access to The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey exclusive video content, online games and a behind-the-scenes look at Denny’s National TV spot.’

This TV spot referred to is a commercial made using real-life Hobbit fans, drafted in by Denny’s!  It will air from 12th November.  With excitement continuing to build for the eagerly awaited first installment in Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy, from 6th November we’ll have somewhere to go to kill some of the time until December 14th!  Feast like a Hobbit at Denny’s, collect the trading cards, check out the extra movie content, and get ready to celebrate the Shire like never before.  After you go back for a second breakfast….

Pictures and a few more details to follow!