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‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’ – Trailer 2 – Frame by Frame Analysis

September 20, 2012 at 2:45 pm by newsfrombree  - 

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On September 19th (or the 20th, depending on your timezone!) Warner Brothers finally released the second official trailer for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. What followed was a world of fans exploding in joy. We here at were equally giddy and now, after some time digesting, we offer our first frame-by-frame look at the trailer’s content. Expect more in-depth trailer reviews and analysis here at TORn over the coming days.

Find the trailer online at and If you didn’t already know, has alternate endings for your viewing pleasure as well! We’ll add those to this frame-by-frame very soon.

The following screen caps and commentary are not confirmed and only speculation by the staff at We plan on providing additional updates and insights as staff chime in – so keep this page bookmarked!

And a special note: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!!!! And Click the images to see larger versions

The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey - Trailer 2 - Click for Larger Version

Gandalf: Far to the East, over ranges and rivers…

Elessar: Another beautiful look at what New Zealand has to offer.

Calisuri: One of the days, we all need to get our butts to Middle-earth…err…New Zealand. Simply breathtaking.

JW: You can tell in this trailer that they’re making it known that New Zealand is back as Middle-earth, an important selling point, as New Zealand was as much a cast member as any of the people in The Lord of the Rings films, and people will come back to see more of it as MIddle-earth in the Hobbit films. Just imagine how different things would be if those plans to move production away from New Zealand would have happened! We’re so fortunate everything worked out for this project to be done the right way.


The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey - Trailer 2 - Click for Larger Version

Rumour grows of a shadow in the east, whispers of a nameless fear. In Dol Guldur, an ancient evil lurks?

Elessar: Dol Guldur look as creepy from a distance as I could have imagined it would look.

Calisuri: Wow – what an amazingly well conceived view of Dol Guldur. Very similar to Weathertop, but much cooler!


The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey - Trailer 2 - Click for Larger Version

Calisuri: Pretty sure we could not get through a trailer without some kind of ‘running’ across a landscape shot.


The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey - Trailer 2 - Click for Larger Version

Entmaiden: very reminiscent of the moment between Frodo and Gandalf in Fellowship. Nice shot to bring the audience back into Middle-earth. Of course, some of us never left 🙂


The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey - Trailer 2 - Click for Larger Version

Thror’s Map of the Lonely Mountain is revealed.

Entmaiden: the Map! So excited. I saw the display at Comic Con at the WETA booth, and it is indeed awesome.

Calisuri: I’m expecting a lot of stockings to be stuffed with map replicas this holiday season! Now if they can get the Moon Letters to work, they’ll make an additional billion dollars!

JW: I was so excited eleven years ago to see this map in The Lord of the Rings – especially to have Gandalf look at it with such interest. Glad to see it in the trailer, and it will be fun to see it in use in The Hobbit films.


The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey - Trailer 2 - Click for Larger Version

A dwarf company on the move.


The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey - Trailer 2 - Click for Larger Version

Thorin Oakenshield is their leader.

Garfeimao: Thorin leading Oin, Balin and Dwalin and the rest on a dash across this plain. Thorin looks determined, but both he and Oin do appear to be looking at something up, maybe it’s Gandalf directly ahead of them, since he’s taller.


The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey - Trailer 2 - Click for Larger Version

Calisuri: A long way from the initial Klingon view of Thorin!

Garfeimao: Thorin pulls up short, and both he and Oin are now definitely looking at something, and appear to be a tad bit concerned.

The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey - Trailer 2 - Click for Larger Version

Calisuri: Thanks to the folks making The Hobbit Happen!


The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey - Trailer 2 - Click for Larger Version

A long time ago when there was more green and less noise…

Magpie: I think Hobbiton looks even more lovely here than in LOTR. I’m enchanted with the network of paths you can see in a couple of shots. It seems to indicate that people visit each other often.

It’s hard to tell, but there are two gents that look like they are wrestling on the left. It doesn’t last long enough to get a sense of movement in the trailer and they might be greeting each other. There’s a woman walking that looks like she’s carrying a net of some sort. Like a butterfly net. And there’s another person with a long haired white animal. If I had to guess, I’d guess a sheep.

The houses we can see at the bottom of the hill with one red door and one yellow door (or is this just two doors for one house?)- the yellow door would be the Gamgees, correct? [Image]

Calisuri: Check out the Green Dragon there – anyone up for a pint?!


The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey - Trailer 2 - Click for Larger Version

At home in Bag End with a very private Hobbit!


The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey - Trailer 2 - Click for Larger Version

Garfeimao: I really do love how how Bilbo’s face is framed in the window, and will revel in the detail of the fabric his vest is made out of.


The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey - Trailer 2 - Click for Larger Version

Is anybody home?


The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey - Trailer 2 - Click for Larger Version

Magpie: It’s fun to compare this image with this one in FOTR – Click here

Garfeimao: Oooh, more costume details, woohoo. So the vest is gold toned with deeper shade in the floral pattern of the silk brocade, but the tie is also a brocade, it appears. And it’s greenish, and is tied more like a cravat than a tie. And of course, the comfy cotton or muslin shirt, there should be lots of quality Bilbo’s by December.

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44 responses to “‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’ – Trailer 2 – Frame by Frame Analysis”

  1. Glemli says:

    Bag End must have terrible heating, otherwise Oin would have taken his mittens of, I’d think.

  2. Glemli says:

    Bofur is holding some kind of axe here, perhaps he lost his mattock in the Misty Mountains?

  3. Glemli says:

    Could the toy/statue Bifur is playing perhaps be a mini-Dragon?

  4. Ohtarwen says:

    On page 8, the fifth picture down has Dwalin holding what seems to be a mandolin and bow–you can see it more clearly when he moves–so maybe the musical instruments at dinner aren’t being totally cut from the movie!

  5. Retro315 says:

    Was hoping you guys would have the alternate endings as well; more of Elrond holding Glamdring, I feel that was THE highlight of the trailer. The wargs do look great.

  6. critter says:

    The thing attacking Radagast’s house is clearly a giant spider, one with more spindly legs than Shelob. Also what is that dragon by Bifur, in the shot where Bilbo is retreating from the camera? Bifur seems to be asleep, suggesting that this is in the cave where they are captured by goblins. Warg cgi looks a bit naff. And the dialogue throughout is terribly cliched – ‘honour, loyalty’; ‘home is behind you, the world lies ahead’. And in particular, Gollum’s line about ‘we eats it whole’ simply makes no sense. How could he possibly eat a hobbit whole? This is very poor dialogue, lazily thought through. Looks like these will be epic films, but with some unfortunate lapses throughout.

  7. TolkienProverbs says:

    Re. the ‘wrestling’ hobbits – looks like they’re shin-kicking to me. Now that’s an old-fashioned sport!

    For example:

  8. When I saw I was reminded of the passage in Roast Mutton: “On some of them were old castles with an evil look as if they had been built by wicked people…”

  9. I do wish Howe or Lee would give their “floor plan” of this imagining of Rivendell.

  10. Gollum looks a bit younger and healthier in these pics. Maybe younger and healthier than he should …

  11. Sky looks a bit too bright for the “Dawn take you all …” scene.

  12. Andy says:

    I can see two references that fans of the LOTR appendices should appreciate… The head butt of course is a nice tip of the hat to the relationship Viggo had with the stunties and Bombur catching the egg in his mouth reminds me of Dominic catching in his mouth the plum thrown by Bernard Hill 🙂

  13. Debba Sniderman says:

    Entmaiden: Is Galadriel at Rivendell, or are they talking via Elf-Skype? OMG, that’s hilarious! I nearly choked on my pizza. Very well done, Entmaiden!

  14. Serai 1 says:

    I’d like to point out that “frame by frame analysis” is a misnomer. What you’re doing here is a shot by shot analysis. Frame by frame would entail approximately 2000 pictures, at least, given 24 frames per second.

  15. Jeremy says:

    I’m guessing the bunny sled was a GDT idea.

  16. First, thanks to the TORN staff for taking the time to put this together. Second, hope you don’t mind me saying, but c’mon guys… the use of the word “analysis” is a bit strong here. You gave a few comments here and there. All of us website visitors value your opinion and REAL analysis — your dedication to the TORN site qualifies all of you as having a bit more of an ‘Expert’ opinion on things. I think we expect more of you than you realize.

    What are your thoughts on Goblin Town? The Trolls? Goblin King? I know it’s only been a day since the trailer, but please put some more effort into this. Do you think the trolls will be more scary or comedic? Does the Goblin King fit your perceptions? Was Martin’s portrayal consistent with Tolkien’s Bilbo? etc… Please share your insights and not just a handful of words that point out the obvious.

    I’m not looking for a 200 page dissertation, but some meaningful thoughts, opinions, and feedback given your knowledge would be appreciated.

    Thank you!

  17. I can’t count the number of times I’ve watched this. Amazing. I know I’m going to spend an entire Saturday watching it back to back in the theatre. I’ve never been to an Imax for a feature film, so this may be my first attempt. Personally, my favorite part of the trailer is when the last thing you hear is a dwarf complaining, “You’ve got to be joking!” Oh, I laughed so hard! It was a true dwarf moment.

    I hope that the movie will show how Bilbo was reluctant to go, and how Gandalf had to almost kick him out of his own hobbit hole, sending him on a frantic sprint without a chance for thought. The trailer bit made Bilbo seem more excited than I remember. I’m reserving judgement for now.

    So, the film ends with the eagle’s swooping and carrying them off? Then could we speculate that the 2nd film will be from Arriving at Beorn’s to the men of Dale’s facing against Smaug? Meanwhile, the white council moves in on the necromancer, wrapping up the storyline there with Gandalf knowing his return to the dwarves and Bilbo was paramount? if so, then what is going on in the third movie? Yes, there’s the Battle of Five Armies, but it was nothing like the assault on Gondor in ROTK. It shouldn’t take a whole movie. My hope is that the third film will allow for the resolution that the characters need and that will properly close the story. Too many times hollywood sacrifices the end of the story just to make “the formula” work. I also speculate that there may be scenes that allude to the LotR. I also wonder if we’ll see how Saruman was before he despaired and how events may have led him towards such dark musings.

  18. Dimitris Kiminas says:

    I think it looks like a dragon tail! Could it be a dragon that sat on the roof and his tail got in?

  19. Remhog says:

    Don’t u think most what’s in this trailer will be spread over the first two films? Looks awesome though!

  20. I’m not sure hobbittrailer02-003.jpg is Dol Guldur. It reminds me of the passage in “Roast Mutton” : `On some of them were old castles with an evil look, as if they had been built by wicked people.’ Seems like Rhudaur to me.

  21. tduvall says:

    I love the fact that in the ” Sting Moment” alternate ending we see Sting without any of the runes that are present in the LOTR movies. That was always a question for me considering it was Bilbo who names the sword. Hopefully in one of the following Hobbit movies we get to see the runes and carvings placed on the sword after all of Bilbo’s deeds!

  22. Jacob says:

    I almost forgot how much missed feeling the “pain” of waiting for the next Middle-earth movie.
    This is going to be awesome!!

  23. Gimli1981 says:

    IMG 52 is yet another parallel with LOTR FOTR when Boromir almost falls off the edge of a stairwell in Moria. Loving all the ‘tie-ins”

  24. Xavier Shorten says:

    You can hear ringwraiths in the background when Gandalf is coming out of the 1st tunnel in page 4 🙂

  25. L.J. Kiosq says:

    Just two things I want to mention.

    The animals with Radagast definitely seem to be aware of what’s going on, introducing the concept of future talking animals.

    And as far as the spider leg coming through the roof, wasn’t there an article a few months back that said it seemed that Tolkien wrote that the wizard’s house was in two different locations, on being close to the Necromancer and the other closer to Carrock? Will Peter Jackson translate that into Radagast falling under attack by spiders in one place and then runs away to the other?

    Thoughts anyone?

  26. Gimli1981 says:

    100 – 106 ‘Pass of Caradhras’ parallel anyone?

  27. Greg says:

    This trailer is great. It really shows enough footage to see that Peter and his team have gotten better at movie making over the years, since the LOTR. This preview has proven to me that this is going to be a great set of movies! Can hardly wait!

  28. MaraBackman says:

    I get a very strong vibe of Guillermo del Toro’s trademarks, as seen in the troll-market sequence in Hellboy II and the creature designs for both Pan’s Labyrinth and Blade II. The goblins in particular look hideously disgusting, especially with the Great Goblin’s throat-sack and tumors. He reminds me in part of how they designed Gothmog for RotK, but he and his subjects look even more visceral than what we saw in the LotR-trilogy. I can see that the union of PJ and del Toro’s ideas was a fruitful one. 🙂

  29. Zer05um says:

    If I figure this out, I think that the old fellow is too old for the Gaffer at this point. It could be old Holman, or maybe the Gaffer’s dad.

  30. Ned Raggett says:

    Interested in the shot on the third page with the “A plan slowly comes together” caption — there’s clearly a map on the wall and it appears to be one of Rohan, of all places! At the very least, that’s Fangorn and the Undeeps there in the bit we can see.

  31. MaraBackman says:

    Looks more like an eagle that is carrying something in its talons.

  32. Gractan says:

    My biggest issue was when they show Bilbo running out of the Shire (which I could not help but smile at), the sky looks very unreal and CG. I can somewhat expect and understand the similar sky in Rivendell, considering the elf “magic” causes the entire area to be a bit unreal, but it just makes Hobbiton look a bit fake.

  33. Magpie: I was struck by scenes in this that reminded me of LOTR. The party standing on the side of a mountain with the stone trolls

  34. joe schomo says:

    Great analysis of the trailer frame by frame. I love it all. can’t wait to see the movie now. I am big Hobbit/lord of the rings fan.

  35. joe schomo says:

    i saw the pumpkin patch and a scarecrow in one of the Hobbiton scenes. I also saw a sheep.

  36. Wow, I did an analysis on my blog and said pretty much all the exact same stuff! Only much more of it. 🙂 Further proof that what I should really be doing with my life is working at TORN. If anyone’s interested, here’s mine:

  37. E.a. Solinas says:

    Well, now I won’t be able to stop imagining Hellboy slapping the Great Goblin repeatedly in the face.

  38. E.a. Solinas says:

    Re: the gardener calling after Bilbo, I don’t think it’s the Gaffer. The Gaffer should be a kid in his tweens at that time, and that guy looked middle-aged. So I assume it’s the Gaffer’s uncle.

  39. Glemli says:

    I thought the way Gollum told Bilbo he would eat him if he’d lose, was hilarious!

  40. Rafe Spraker says:

    Stone Giants create the story’s necessity to hide in the very suspicious cave but I thought there were ponies to get out of the way also?

  41. E.a. Solinas says:

    I kinda like the bunny sled.

  42. E.a. Solinas says:

    I think it’s Holman. According to the lotr wiki, the Gaffer’s dad was a ropemaker.

  43. Dylan says:

    I sincerely hope that they fix the size ratio of the dwarves. They just look too small. They’re supposed to be like 4.5 ft tall. right?

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