With the release of the new “Hobbit” app for Apple products, Warner Bros. has also opened the floodgates of new images and smacked viewers in the head with the ending of the first film, “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.” The app came with a spoiler tag, but we know there are plenty of readers who are trying not to know every little detail, much less the breakdown of how these films become three movies from one book. Honoring those folks, we have hidden the unmistakable image after the break. It duplicates the promotional scroll released right before Comic-Con (take a gander here) when there where still two films. That confirmed the original break and this one, the new ending of the first film. Our image focuses only on the last scene. An argument could be made that the scroll isn’t definitive but it would be a weak and losing battle. If you click, you will be spoiled so proceed at your own risk; You will not be able to un-see the image.

(To see the full scroll, click right here.)

The question fans should be asking is: What else will be in the film that isn’t shown in the scroll? Peter Jackson has been pretty clear in the media that he has a lot of material from the appendicies in “The Lord of the Rings,” that will be incorporated into the films. The scroll, showing mostly scenes from J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit,” may be only part of what Jackson has in store for audiences. Since the story, taken from a 75-year-old children’s book can’t be spoiled, the way Jackson tells the story will be what the surprise factor is for audiences.

Back in early August, TheOneRing.net staff speculated on when the first film would end as part of a bigger story telling fans what they could expect from the newly revealed cinematic trilogy. (Read the still-relevant story right here.) Toward the end, several staffers nailed it. The article details the breakdown of the other two films as well.

“The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey,” is scheduled for world-wide release December 14 with a world premiere set for Wellington, New Zealand November 28. TheOneRing.net is sponsoring a tour group to the world premiere event and also including a trip to the Hobbiton Movie Set. Details are available right here.


  1. LabrynianRebel


  2. Captain Rickover

    Hmm… I don’t like that cut. Seems a bit short that movie and beside that I can’t see any character evolement at that time. Bilbi is still a clumsy fellow with no plan or bravery. And a cut after just a small skirmish seems very rushed. I would have liked it better if the first movie would have ended somewhere in Mirkwood, with the heroes lost in darkness and an unknown future ahead.

  3. Darren

    That is truly awful.

  4. Tuor son of Huor

    I don’t really see how this changes anything. . .
    I’m afraid I’m sill going with the “weak and losing battle”, not only do I not think the scroll definitive, but I also fail to see how this second scroll makes any sense: although they are still in the midst of the Warg battle they appear to be closer to the Lonely Mountain than they were at the end of the first scroll. I really hope the film doesn’t end here, but hey, there you go!
    97 days to go!!!

  5. predictivescript

    Just to be clear, this scroll does not necessarily end with the eagle scene. The last image of Thorin and Gandalf could be a separate scene: they are on the ground (not in the trees), with Thorin crossing some sort of bridge (although it could be a log). They are surrounded by rocks. This suggests that the last scene is not the rescue from the burning trees. Gandalf’s staff is lit. While this could be for him to throw down fire at the wargs, it could also be to light his way in a dark place – Dol Guldur?

  6. Hector

    this ending doesn’t work and will never work. There is no climax ! And wtf there is just nothing in this movie : Hobbiton, trollshaws, Rivendell, the goblins and Gollum, and then the wargs. It’s not enouth, even with Gandalf’s journey. And finally the second film is just a massive bloody mess with no continuity in the narration. The narrative arc of Smaug will constitute only the second part of the movie : not really a main arc… “The Desolation of Smaug” ? “The Desolation” only would be way better !!!

  7. Does this imply, then, that Thorin and Gandalf will remain below to fight the wargs while Bilbo and the others climb the trees? And is that the eagles’ eyrie we’re seeing in the background?

  8. Fanamir

    Something that still doesn’t make any sense. That scrapbook with pictures of Thranduil and Legolas. And the second Hobbit trailer with Bilbo in Mirkwood. Note that the scrapbook was released after the announcement that the movie would be a trilogy and is entitled: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Hrm… Maybe the itunes app ran out of room? That doesn’t make much sense, but then again neither does this banner/that scrapbook.

  9. Interesting note: The part of the dwarves’ song included in the first trailer now spans the final sequences of the first film: “Far over the Misty Mountains cold, To dungeons deep…” (goblin capture) “…and caverns old” (‘Riddles in the Dark’)…”The trees like torches blazed with light” (warg-goblin siege)

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