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Thranduil, Saruman the White, Revealed In ‘Hobbit’ Film Tie-In Book

August 30, 2012 at 5:45 am by Earl  - 

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Annual 2013, one of several film tie-in books scheduled for this year, released today, and our message board member Bexlin was awesome enough to share some hi-res scans of its full colour pages.

Besides character pictures of the 13 dwarves, Gandalf, Elrond, and Galadriel, we also get our first look at Saruman the White, and a brilliant reveal of Lee Pace’s character Thranduil the Elvenking.

Here in the image upon the right sits Saruman with the rest of the White Council, seemingly in the much-talked-about scene of the discussion surrounding a certain Wraith’s blade.

And as for Thranduil, the Elf gets his revel after the break.

A fair warning to those who do not want to be spoiled… believe us, you do NOT want to click the “Continue Reading” button.

“On his head was a crown of berries and red leaves, for the autumn was come again.
In the spring he wore a crown of woodland flowers.
In his hand he held a carven staff of oak.”

Thranduil the Elvenking

Perhaps not exactly representative of Tolkien’s Thranduil based on his book description, but every bit Elvish and very wondrous nevertheless.

Our boards are of course discussing Thranduil’s costume, hair, eyebrows, sword, crown, and what have you. A check-in would be in order.

Thanks once again to board member Bexlin for this reveal.


Posted in Characters, Headlines, Hobbit Cast News, Hobbit Movie, Lee Pace, Production, The Hobbit on August 30, 2012 by Thranduil, Saruman the White, Revealed In ‘Hobbit’ Film Tie-In Book | Discuss

38 responses to “Thranduil, Saruman the White, Revealed In ‘Hobbit’ Film Tie-In Book”

  1. Wondering says:

    Where is the More-button?

  2. Ron Hunter says:

    Thats not a half bad Thranduil. He looks like a great and powerful Elf king warrior. Pretty much how I picture him. The sword is pretty sweet too.

  3. Rod says:

    Where is the “more” button

  4. Where’s the more button?

  5. Kristin Lane says:

    His eyebrows! Shave his eyebrows! They look like caterpillars.

  6. Eyebrows are a little goofy. And the “crown” seems a bit over the top to me. But otherwise this seems spot on. : )

  7. MaraBackman says:

    He looks quite a bit like the elves designed for Guillermo del Toro’s second Hellboy-movie. I’m very curious to see what else of his concepts are still in use. 🙂

  8. Erebor says:

    Is there a “more-button”? Really?

  9. StormCrow says:

    I also wonder where is the more button. Also, I dig his wears

  10. Where is the “Continue Reading” button? 😉

  11. Kurt says:

    I was just scanning the description of Thranduil… wasn’t Frodo Bilbo’s nephew?

  12. Wilderfox says:

    why do elves half brown eye brows but blond hair?!

  13. Elentari says:

    He definitely looks like Legolas’ dad for sure. Not how I pictured him when I first read the book, but certainly consistent with Jackson’s Elves.


  15. These photos really surprised me lee pace and an amazing actor

  16. Ted says:

    No one else finds it aggravating that this describes Frodo as “Bilbo’s cousin?”

  17. joe says:

    That loo

    Thanduril looks interesting and that sword honors his nobilit
    Ty as a elf

  18. Tolkienerd says:

    There are some nice pictures of the goblins in the book too, which definitely keep some of the Del Toro design aesthetic.

  19. orpickaname says:

    he looks Del Toro-ish

  20. Frodosonofdrogo says:

    Love it. I’ll be first in line!!!

  21. StriderIsMyDog'sName says:

    Sweet, sweet, sweet!!!!!

  22. Ish Kaulitz says:

    ASDFGHJKL OMG it’s like watching a dream coming true. I get all those feelings when I see a new photo about The Hobbit.

  23. thesithempire says:

    Love it! Even better than how I pictured him!

  24. OneOfBeorns Goats says:

    End of descripton for Thranduil says, “his son Legolas will have adventures with Bilbos cousin, Frodo.” Frodo is his nephew not cousin.

  25. CrazyRottenHag says:

    He certainly looks much more attractive than me!

  26. Jasmine says:

    Don’t like his crown 🙁

  27. Spiced Wine says:

    I like Thranduil a great deal. He has a feral, fierce pagan look, which (for me) suits the king of the wood-Elves very well indeed.

  28. subha says:

    thranduil looks so great.plz upload the goblin king and tauriel radagast

  29. Janeha H. says:

    I was expecting him to be much more…regal and aloof. A bit like Celeborn. It mostly depends on how Lee plays the part now.

  30. Scott Johnson says:

    A lot better than the portrayal in Raskin and Bass’s _Hobbit_. And a fine resemblance to Orlando Bloom’s Legolas.

  31. willowing says:

    You can really get a close up shot of this image and it is what I have imagined Thranduil to look after reading The Hobbit.

    This must be during the Autumn season as he has a crown of brown leaves on his head and the outfit seems to typify a silver birch a reminder that he is a woodland elf.

  32. Tolkien fanatic says:

    He is perfect! the crown is Perfect very regal and Elvan! Was worried about PJ’s choice with lee Pace, but have to admit was very pleased when saw this!

  33. Lizzou says:

    In the books, Frodo is Bilbo’s cousin. The movie changed it.

  34. Frodolives says:

    Um, actually bilbo and frodo are first cousins once removed, which could be reasonably described as either “uncle-nephew” or simply “cousins”, depending on your preference.

  35. Gabriel says:

    He looks amazing!! Very majestic and worthy of a Elven King! I love the crown, the glittering robe, the rings, the sword, the hair, everything! I can’t wait to see him and Legolas.

  36. mixedfiction says:

    yeah, i can’t see the ‘Continue Reading’ link

  37. Ayup All…
    I’m just waiting for him to slap his thigh LOL ! I’ve also seen the Annual, and I can see three different versions of ‘The Great Goblin’ if that’s what they are… All like ‘NightBreed’ rejects. Sorry, but I don’t like…

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