It’s not much different from #1. We already knew that. But what has changed from the first trailer that was released in December 2011?

The first reports are starting to trickle through from our readers, so we thought we’d give you the details so you can decide whether there’s enough for you want to go see it for yourself (we know some of you are thinking of going to see Brave just for Hobbit trailer #2!).

Of course, this is going to involve spoilers. So if you’re spoiler averse, or would prefer to just go to the theatre and find out for yourself, don’t read any further!

Barliman’s chat regular Pontmercy tells us:

The Hobbit trailer in front of Brave is tweaked just a bit. The smoking is still in there. In fact the bit at the beginning where Martin!Bilbo smokes is extended just a hair so you can see him do a bit of a double take. Perhaps reacting to Gandalf?

Also the troll fighting bit is gone and replaced with a close up of Bilbo’s face peering through a crack and then pans down to him peering through a lower crack. I couldn’t tell where it was because it was so zoomed in. Also I think the bit with Gandalf fighting the dwarf Thrain was removed as well.

TORn Messageboarder The Grey Pilgrim expands a little more:

I just saw a midnight showing of Brave and can confirm the differences.

Bilbo is still shown with a pipe, but it looks like an alternate take so he is just holding it but there is no smoke. The heading “next December” is changed to “this December,” and there are indeed two or so new shots, one of Bilbo falling down and then his face peering through something as someone else has stated and another of what looked like Gandalf and Company running quickly through the woods.

These shots were played so quick it was hard to get a really good look at them in the cinema. I think the only replaced shots were the shot of the Dwarves fighting at Trollshaw and/or Gandalf/Thrain’s confrontation.

Quick analysis:

Not much to mull over, but I wonder why and where Gandalf is running through the woods with the company?

Consider: Gandalf is not with the company at the start of the Troll encounter. He’s actually gone away to scout, and only returns later after the company has been caught and trussed up by Bill, Bert and Tom. Later he leaves the company before they enter Mirkwood proper to head south on White Council business.

That perhaps leaves the fir trees incident with the Wargs. Could they be fleeing the goblins here?

Anyway, we’re hopeful of an online release, but we haven’t had word one way or the other from WB yet! Cross fingers.