The Tolkien Society writes: On the 3rd January 1892 JRR Tolkien was born in Bloemfontein, South Africa. To celebrate this event, on this day each year Tolkien fans around the world are invited to raise a glass and toast the birthday of this much loved author 21:00 (9 pm) your local time. The toast is “The Professor”.

For those unfamiliar with British toast-drinking ceremonies: To make the Birthday Toast, you stand, raise a glass of your choice of drink (not necessarily alcoholic), and say the words ‘The Professor’ before taking a sip (or swig, if that’s more appropriate for your drink). Sit and enjoy the rest of your drink.

The Tolkien Society has a webpage for the 2012 toast where fans across the globe can let other fans know where they’ll be celebrating if they’re hosting a party, or just what particular tipple they’ll be raising. Fans will be able to check the webpage and see who is celebrating where and if they wish to get in touch and join in. Or, you can add your own gathering.


  1. Rodrigo

    Congratulations tolkien

  2. Harmonicapoet

    im watching all three extended editions in a row as a birthday celebration to this incredible man, ive done it every year since trotk came to dvd

  3. Maria Shteynman

    Let me join to the celebration and add my Birthday Present – my book.

    Shteynman, Maria. J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis: Chronotope of Communication. Moscow, 2001.

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