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Lego Hobbit tie-in incoming

October 18, 2011 at 7:41 pm by xoanon  - 

From Lego Batman 2 and a videogame based on Peter Jackson’s impending The Hobbit movie are among Warner Bros Interactive’s plans for 2012, the publisher has revealed. WBI’s president Martin Tremblay mentioned the two games in an LA Times interview, along with a mystery title featuring a DC Comics character. It also has a number of casual online titles in development for younger players at a new Montreal studio, based on various Warner brands. The first Lego Batman title launched back in 2008, picking up a very respectable 8/10 from Eurogamer’s Dan Whitehead. The publisher has had a pretty impressive 2011 so far, with Mortal Kombat, hit downloadable RPG Bastion and Batman: Arkham City all under its belt.

Posted in Gaming on October 18, 2011 by

5 responses to “Lego Hobbit tie-in incoming”

  1. Michael says:

    Unless they are also doing a lego D.C. comics game, I am pretty sure that this news report is mis-labeled. Lego doesn’t have any rights to Tolkien’s works. (sad, I know) I would love to be proven wrong. 

  2. John Takis says:

    I’d LOVE for this to be true, but as phrased this article says nothing about a Lego Hobbit game. It mentions a second Lego Batman game, and then mentions a Hobbit game tie-in of some sort, which you would expect. But the Hobbit game need not be Lego-related, and probably isn’t. (Although, as I say, I’d love to be proven wrong!)

  3. This actually appears to be a misreading of the original news item. There is no confirmation of a LEGO Hobbit game. There IS confirmation of LEGO Batman 2 and (separately) and game tie-in for the Hobbit movies. But not all Warner Bros. games are LEGO games, so this could just be (and likely is) a regular old film license game.

    It’s worth noting that confirmation of a LEGO Hobbit video game would also be a likely confirmation of a LEGO Hobbit toy line, since almost every game in the LEGO series has corresponding toys that are actually depicted in the games themselves. Would be lovely if that happens (and if they went back and made LEGO Lord of the Rings while they were at it), but that does not appear to be the case just yet.

  4. Pinstripe says:

    Uh, it doesn’t say a Lego Hobbit game. It says Lego Batman 2, and a “videogame based on Peter Jackson’s impending The Hobbit movie” …. 

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