Of late there seems to be no let up to the slew of Hobbit-related news… and we’re not complaining.

Dwarf revelations aside, today brings a very interesting tweet by Ryan Gage, cast originally in the role of Drogo Baggins, the father of Frodo Baggins (played, of course, by Elijah Wood).

Had a costume fitting today and met Elijah Wood for the first time. What a really nice guy!

Early this May, Peter Jackson announced via Facebook that Ryan Gage would be playing the Master of Laketown’s conniving civil servant, Alfrid.

Thanks to TORn spy Patrick A. for the tip.

UPDATE: It seems Ryan Gage is in the UK, and upon reading this post, a reliable source has written in to inform us that the production will probably be filming with Sir Christopher Lee in the UK during the production “break”. How great is that!?