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IGN Exclusive: Bofur, Bifur and Bombur!

July 13, 2011 at 4:58 pm by newsfrombree  - 

The character rolloout continues as IGN has the latest exclusive image from The Hobbit featuring (r-l) Stephen Hunter as Bombur, James Nesbitt as Bofur and William Kircher as Bifur.
We also have the cast so far (below) before these additions thanks to the talented contributor Paul who will probably add the newest trio as well. The Dwarves are part of the Peter Jackson directed pair of films based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit,” called “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey,” and “The Hobbit: There and Back Again,” scheduled for theaters in December 2012 and December 2013. will be talking about the films at the San Diego Comic-Con next week.

Check it out at IGN! [Read More]

Posted in Casting Rumors, Headlines, Hobbit Cast News, Hobbit Movie, James Nesbitt, Stephen Hunter, The Hobbit on July 13, 2011 by Source: IGN IGN Exclusive: Bofur, Bifur and Bombur! | Discuss

21 responses to “IGN Exclusive: Bofur, Bifur and Bombur!”

  1. Amanda says:

    I’d never have imagined them like this, but after the Aidan Turner fiasco yesterday I’m just *so glad* there’s no shiny blow-dried hair to be seen here! Love the weapons 🙂

  2. Ryan Osborne says:

    I really like these three. Very creative and not at all what I imagined… in a good way.

  3. Ryan Togioka says:

    Wait, does Bifur have a hunk of metal lodged in his head?


  4. Daniel Lewis says:

    This was not at all what I was expecting! I think they look great, although I’m not sure of Bombur. Did they need to make him that fat? Still, it’s a part of Middle Earth we haven’t seen before and it looks like a lot of care and attention has gone in to creating the look of each character, down to the motifs and buckles.

  5. Rochendil says:

    Just when I thought it couldnt get any worse, we have these three numptys.  This is turning into a farce!  What happened to the respect and dignity that Jackson gave to character development in LOTR?  Seriously Bombur has no beard and what’s with Bifur’s hair!!  There is so much that he’s doing wrong here. 

    I used to think that Nori was bad.  Now he’s almost one of my favourites!  The only two which are spot on are Oin and Gloin.  Then possibly Dori and Fili.  From there it rapidly goes downhill with (in order of preference) Bofur (though that hat is completely wrong), Nori, Ori, Bombur, Bifur and finally Figwit ( sorry Kili).

    I can only conclude that Jackson is confused and thinks he’s doing a film version of the Soddit !!

  6. thinker says:

    Bombur’s braid looks like a sausage…at least he is as fat as in the book. The first one from the, he has such a small head. He looks a bit like a bernardine dog. At least they dont look like models, like kili yesterday…Quite ok, I wouldnt mistake them with humans or other middle-earth races. This is good.

  7. Marcus says:

    Well this is very nice after Fili and Kili!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Strangely enough, Bombur reminds me of Obelix from Asterix.

  9. Alexwally29 says:

    I think that that isn’t actually Bifur’s hair. If you look closely, it kind of looks like a hat or hood of some sort. Anyways, him Bombur and Bofur look great.

  10. So far, these dwarves don’t look anything like the descriptions in the book, but what they hey, they are WONDERFULLY over the top! The design aesthetic also seems to be in keeping with the few dwarves we saw in the LOTR flicks.

  11. AfraR says:

    @matthewwaszak:disqus  Rochendil. Technically Bombur doesn’t have a beard but a very elaborate German style moustache. That huge braid across his chest comes from his whiskers.
    I am very much in favour of individualized facial hair. They can’t all look like Gimli, or like one another. This is basic sense, 13 characters of the same species with rhyming names can’t look alike. If only for the sake of the audience who doesn’t know the book or care enough like longtime fans.

  12. Kybennett7 says:

    Character development so far looks ok I think the individualism of each dwarf is great. Having a poster boy dwarves like fili and Kili will be cool to. Will be interesting to see how much they develop the oin, gloin and other not so important dwarves from the book. Also I wonder how heroic fili and kili’s death will be in the five army battle?????? Long live thorin king under the hill

  13. Codot Hawke says:

    I looked at the high-res, and it looks like the pick of an axe broke off in his head, and the handle was broken from it, I would imagine to not make it so obvious.

  14. Mywishpig says:

    Ya they had to make him that fat. He IS that fat. I mean, by the events of lotr, he had gotten so damn round that he couldn’t even walk on his own.

    I say it’s quite accurate.

  15. Dekecds says:

    There’s so many people that are criticizing the looks of the Dwarves as “not like they were in the book” when in fact they are ” not like I saw them in my head when I read the book, and since I’ve read so much Tolkien I must be the authority on this”. Take a look at Tolkien’s sketches and artwork and I think that you can clearly see that there was much left unfinished in his own mind about what any given creature might look like, thus it is open to interpretation by the film makers to best please the audience AT LARGE. I like the TOR series so far and I think under P.J. the Hobbit will be great!

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