News is just hitting via that Luke Evans has been cast as Bard in the upcoming The Hobbit movies:

EXCLUSIVE TO Luke Evans has bagged the role of Bard in The Hobbit, a last major part that Peter Jackson hadn’t cast in a production that’s underway in New Zealand. Bard the Grim is  a skilled archer, and the heir of King Girion of Dale. The king was killed by the talking dragon Smaug. The character plays a greater role in the second film, and is somewhat reminiscent of the action-hero exploits of Viggo Mortensen’s Aragorn, I’m told.

What do you think of the choice? Does he have the ‘Bard’ look? Sound off! For the complete article, including a summary of his past work, jump on over to! [Read on] (Thanks to Ringer Jared for the heads up!)