Thanks to Alientraveller for this one: Game of Thrones, HBO’s adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s first book in his bestselling series, premieres April 17. From Ladyhawke to Raiders of the Lost Ark to the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Martin curates his list of all-time favorites…Fans of the books should also read “10 Secrets of HBO’s Game of Thrones,” to find out about casting direwolves, forging the Iron Throne, creating the Dothraki language, and many other behind-the-scenes details.

1. Fellowship of the Ring/ The Two Towers/ Return of the King: “I suppose I could list these as my Top 3, but they are really one long movie (very long if you watch the extended cuts with their extra footage, which are my preferred versions) just as the Tolkien “trilogy” was actually one long novel sliced into three parts by publisher fiat…” More..