Trailer reports are flooding in!

Gandalf of Denmark

I was fortunate to see the trailer yesterday evening in a local cinema. It is seeming likely that the trailer will be run in front of the premiere this weekend A league of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Beyond that I would imgaine it would be run in front of Pirates of the Caribean, which premiered 2 weeks ago and is stil going very strong here.

I watched the trailer and my first impression was that although it was good, the trailer/preview on the Two Towers DVD had much more feeling and just seemed better.(Ofcourse this could simply be my mind that makes me wonder this as I did see the DVD first heh) I dot remember too many things of the trailer, however your mention of Shelob being in it, is true. She does a quick 1 second onscren time. It is right in the same scene as we saw Peter Jackson watch in the preview on the DVD. Quite nice actually. Frodo runs down the hall, looks back and sees Shelob, as do we for the 1 second(probly less). Other things to note. Theres a brief scene where we see Gandalf ride out towards a big army/skirmish, his staff lighting up the area. I am asuming this could be where he rides out to help Faramir in the books. Other than that there is a nice view of Merry in battlegear looking up at Eowyn, also in battlegear. And she says to him: “Stay with me.” Or something like that. A scene I would imagine where the are about to go into battle. There is also a few shots of a Legolas that looks not as we have seen him before, as far as I could tell. He looked very scary, and in one of these shots, he says: “He has come.” (I think) This COULD possibly be where the army is at the gates to Mordor, and Saurons representative comes out. It sure looks very ominous and my impressions was that Legolas had doom written on his otherwise determined face. heh

The score in the trailer is overall very low key, which might be one of the reasons I dont actually think the trailer leads of to something quite big. I have enjoyed the fan-trailer you posted a little while ago, and the music in that as well as the preview on the DVD seems stronger and more fitting somehow.

Anyways, these were a few of the things I recall mostly from the trailer. Its a feast to be sure. 🙂


Hi guys, i just wanted to point out that in the shot of frodo climbing up the cliff with Minas Morgul in the back, you can actually see the army of the witch king coming out of it, you see troops moving below, coming out of, i guess, the same gate that we saw in FOTR.

I’m delighted that this scene is actually in the film because I loved it so much in the book and I think it is a very iconic scene from the trilogy. Not to mention that it is also a relief to see that Minas Morgul IS in the films, when it wasn’t even on Faramir’s map!


I Work at a theatre and we loaded up the trailer really quick for a once thru last night. This is what I remember:

Legolas and Aragorn open the trailer. Legolas says something about the Eye of Mordor is looking at them or something like that and he has the hood of his cape up and he is looking toward Aragorn. There is a later shot in the trailer that is similar to this one.

Aragorn and Gandalf talking about Frodo’s chances.

There is a shot of Legolas that is very familiar shooting his bow. I’ve seen it somewhere. .

A great shot of Legolas climbing the trunk or leg of the Oliphant. You are looking down at him while he is climbing up toward you.

It’s very powerful when they are reforging the sword and Elrond brings it to Aragorn and tells him to basically buck up and be the king. That part was in the E clip. You can’t really tell who is reforging the sword it went by very fast.

A couple more shots of Legolas. A big close up as he turns and looks at something and the one where he is fighting in the midst of all the orcs shouting.

There is a major stunning shot of the ringwraiths flying down to the war fields and just wrecking havoc. Your level on the field looking at the ringwraiths flying down toward the galloping horsemen and they just drop toward them and wham into them and they go flying. It’s hard to describe.

The shots from the E clip of Frodo and Sam climbing up and Gollum looking at the ring with major lust going on. Also of Sam yelling at Gollum that he is leading them into a trap and Frodo says no we are taking him with us. Gollum looks back and just gives this evil smile to Sam.

A great shot of Dernhelm with Merry saying whatever happens stay close to me.

The music is different but the same feeling and it was stunning. It was very familiar yet different just like what they did with TTT. It has some same basic themes but seemed more on the dramatic rather than urgent side.

There is a great shot of Shelob and she is freakin scary as all get out chasing them thru the tunnels.

There is also a really quick shot of Sam and Frodo and it just makes you hurt for the pain in their faces and I’m pretty sure the ring is doing something to Frodo’s neck it looked raw, burned.

There is not much of Pippin just the one shot with Merry telling him they will see the Shire again.

Lots of Elrond telling Arwyn that he can do no more for her as she gave up her grace to another. Arwyn also states it is time for the sword to be returned to the king.

A quick shot of Eomer sobbing on the battlefield holding someone.

it goes by really really fast but it is simply wonderful.

Betababs writes:

I work at the theaters, in modesto california, i was lucky last night and got to see it early, heres what was in it

is saw the trailer last night, and it was phenomenol. I really cant put it into words, but it’s fanatastic. Heres what I remember

Starts of with a shot of minus morgul and mt doom in the background, and there is a huge light shooting up from the tower

Then it goes to legolas with neat hood on, standing with aragorn, saying something about the ememy

Aragorn and Gandalf talking about Frodo, and if he is still alive, Aragorn ask Gandalf “what does your heart tell you”

Some other things that stuck out

Elrond saying the enemy will never let aragorn take the throne of Gondor

Arwen saying it is time….(for aragorn to be king)

Arwen saying give him the sword of the king, and shots of them forging it

Shot of elrond giving Aragorn the sword, aragon takes anduril out of its sheath like lighting and looks at it

Elrond says “BECOME WHAT YOU WERE MEANT TO BE” I almost cried

Then an awesome airial shot of 3 nazgul swooping down like lighting above minas tirith

Shots of the battle of pelenor fields, a nazgul swooping down on a couple horses

Eomer crying, holding theoden

Frodo being chased by shelob

Dernhelm talking to merry, saying to stick with her no matter what

Cool shot of Gandalf and pippin looking at the brewing storm

Shots of Gollum, Frodo, and Sam

Sam hears what gollum says about killing them, but frodo says he will not abandon him

Eomer saying we cant defeat sauron by force, aragorn says we can buy frodo some time

Aragorn gives a speech, possible to the rohirrim? or the army of the west in mordor.

Some shots of the paths of the dead

Legolas on a mumakil

Some battle shots

Thats all I remember but im so stoked to see this movie, i hope this helps