On this wonderful Canada Day I decided to celebrate the Canadian contingent that helped make LOTR alongside their fellow Americans and Kiwis!

Fellow Montrealer Pierre Vinet was the official LOTR photographer. Pierre’s small task was to photograph everything related to the mammoth production! Pierre’s work has been seen by everyone interested in the LOTR, basically if you’ve seen a pic from the LOTR films, it’s Pierre’s. Pierre stayed down in New Zealand for many months working on the films. He also had his work displayed at Casa Loma in November last year.

Take a look at a collection of Pierre’s images from Casa Loma

Another fellow Canadian I’d like to sing praises to is Oscar Award winning composer Howard Shore. Born in Toronto on October 18th, 1946 Howard was of course the composer of all three LOTR films. We’ve only heard his wonderful score to ‘Fellowship’ and eagerly await for the others. I had the pleasure of meeting Howard Shore mere hours after he won the Oscar for best composer. Howard was amazingly humble and was very appreciative of all his accolades, he spoke to the crowd of ringers at ‘The One Party To Rule Them All’ and said that his prime motivation was fear, fear that us fans would not like his work!

Check out this picture of me with Howard Shore’s Oscar…taken by Mrs. Shore!