Miles writes: The University of Victoria is offering a Tolkien course this winter. Tolkien’s Prophetic Vision and The Lord of the Rings This course will discuss the meaning of J.R.R. Tolkien’s mythology, especially as portrayed in The Lord of the Rings, along with comparative references to the work of C.G. Jung. Tolkien brings a necessary compensatory vision to our contemporary culture in a way that is in harmony with Jung’s perspective and concerns. He was able to penetrate to the core of our Western cultural dynamics, and his sub-creation gives us images, words, language, values and a view that can serve as a light that illuminates our deeper needs for collective individuation. Tolkien’s message involves the requirement to assimilate both pagan sensibility and Christian values to consciousness, which have slipped into the unconscious in a one-sided scientific and technological, consumer-driven world. Tolkien has also given us feeling-toned images, both of shadow and light, which are relevant to Jung’s path of individuation. University of Victoria Tolkien Course (PDF)