one-hemisphere-of-a-healthy-brain-l-is-pictured-next-to-one-hemisphere-of-a-brain-of-a-person-sufferin-the-neuropsychiatry-division-of-the-belle-idee-university-hospital-in-chene-b.jpg 430×273 pixelsiTech Ancient humans that bear a resemblance to the fictional hobbit creatures apparently had bigger brains than we previously gave them credit for.

The species known as Homo floresiensis was previously thought to have a brain volume of 400 cc, but it was actually 426 cc, bringing their brain size to roughly the same as a chimpanzee. That is, compared to about 1500 cc we currently have as Homo sapiens.

Researchers determined the larger brain size with a high-definition CT scanner.

The remnants of the “hobbits” were discovered on the island of Flores, part of Indonesia, in 2003.

The individuals were roughly three and a half feet tall, and had short legs when compared to their arms and feet.

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