has long been a part of the “Fictional Frontiers” radio program that airs in Philly on Monday afternoons and then is shared with the world on the internet. Program host Sohaib Awan talks about the popular arts with directors, writers, illustrators and staffers from, including on this weeks show. Follow the link for the exclusive extended conversation about “The Hobbit” and what it might mean to the film industry as well as chat about the casting rumors that continue to swirl.
Fictional Frontiers with Sohaib airs every Monday at 5 pm ET on WNJC-1360 AM Philadelphia.

Illustrated by Michael Hague
Illustrated by Michael Hague
Fictional Frontiers Radio show host Sohaib Awan talked to Hobbit Illustrator Michael Hague about The Hobbit films. Below is the partial transcript, the bit regarding the Hobbit … Micahel is such a fan of the Lord of the Rings films and is looking forward to seeing the Hobbit films.

I’m just excited as a filmgoer to watch these films when they come out. I’m jazzed by it!

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