Andy Serkis at The Soho Hotel Andy Serkis’ website has an update on the Soho Hotel Event: On behalf of Barnardo’s, Andy would like to invite you to attend an exclusive event entitled ” Small Hobbits, Giant Gorillas, and Other Adventures Of A Cyber Actor.” In 1999, Andy’s life as a conventional actor was to change course by accepting the role of the schizoid , addicted, lonely outcast “Gollum” in Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Over the course of the next seven years he would become part of a pioneering digital acting movement known as performance capture, which would take him onto playing the title role in King Kong , and then to direct and perform in Sony Playstation 3’s Heavenly Sword. With more digital roles on the way and a keen desire to take the art form to even greater heights, Andy shares a fascinating sessions of storytelling, discussion along with a visual presentation, looking back on the developments of the craft, followed by the opportunity for intimate meeting and greeting with guests at one of London’s hottest film industry hangouts, The Soho Hotel. Andy will also be auctioning off some prized memorabilia from the films he has worked on. This promises to be a very special occasion. Andy Serkis at The Soho Hotel