So, you’ve probably seen and heard Ian Walters’ hilarious filk Gollum-style parody of the Taylor Swift hit I Knew You Were Trouble. If you haven’t go here — it’s superb.

Then I began thinking about Tauriel… and Kili. And those rumours. So, of course, having too much time on my hands and an over-active mind, I started toying with some concepts to see if something might fit the rhyming structure.

Turns out, it kinda does. I call it I thought hot dwarf, and … well … enjoy … or something. Oh, and mad props to TORn Barlichatter Elanesse for the moral support and extra ideas. Continue reading “A Taylor Swift Tauriel (and Kili) parody: I thought hot dwarf”

Comic writer and artist Josh Edelglass has recently published a series of a dozen or so spoof and parody comics of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey over on his website. They’re really rather clever — go check them out. Just click the comic below to see the rest.

Hobbit parodies must be the new black. Here’s a new one, this time of I Love It, a tune by Australian Hip Hop outfit Hilltop Hoods. Director Alex Gabbott tells us he and his crew spent two months making the video, with a solid three weeks spent on on digital effects. They also enlisted the help of a few YouTube celebrities, and Stephen Hunter (that’s the actor who plays Bombur) has seen it as well. Continue reading “Parody: listen to the Hilltop Hobbits”