We thought you all (or 400 of you) might enjoy a March diversion while our selection committee carefully seeds and plans our Middle-earth Madness tournament. That particular event with J.R.R. Tolkien’s characters facing each other in the ultimate battle to be No. 1 is coming soon. For now, we have a free NCAA basketball bracket game that the first 400 people who wish to can sign up for. In fact, we think we might have a prize sitting around TORn’s underground bunker where we are currently holed up and polishing the Middle-earth Madness content. (See inserted photo). Prizes not promised, so only play if you want to have fun. Not knowing if ANYBODY would participate, we posted this on Facebook and in a few hours it has proven to be popular. Wanna play along? It is free of course. Go here: http://tornfb.mayhem.cbssports.com/e and use the password “nobalrogs” and yes, you have to sign up for that website. There is no affiliation between TORn and any other entity. Meanwhile, if you or some corporate entity you know wants to donate a prize, email MrCere@TheOneRing.net and we can announce it here and give away stuff. Oh, and be SURE TO READ THE SCORING SYSTEM for our bracket on the site. Upsets are worth more points.