MGM Logo Diedye from our message boards sends this along. Mary Parent was recently quoted about MGM’s upcoming slate.

“For MGM, among those is a continuation of Bond and Pink Panther sequels, an announced remake of “Fame” and a not-yet-announced remake of “RoboCop,” possibly in 3-D. “‘RoboCop” would be great in 3-D, as would something we’re hoping to announce soon,” said Parent. This also includes “The Hobbit,” which will be filmed in two parts released in 2011 and 2012, and maybe more after. “There’s 80 years between the end of ‘The Hobbit’ and the beginning of ‘The Lord of the Rings,'” said Sloan. “Think of the franchise.” One other idea MGM was toying with was more “Rocky” films. Parent asked for a show of hands from the audience who might be in to that. Though there were a few very enthusiastic responses, many kept quiet.”

MGM Logo Daily Variety reported that Sands would be leaving the company after many of his duties were usurped by the appointment of Mary Parent to head of MGMs worldwide motion picture group earlier this month. Read more here.