Fans in the Auckland area will be delighted to find that the shortest and tallest among them are wanted for work on “The Hobbit,” films according to the link sent in by spy Moahunter. Of course the candidates must be New Zealanders or have a work permit and fit all the requirements but if you are very tall or quite short, you should check out this job listing.

The pieces are moving, wheels are in motion and Wellington is looking for short and tall people for two anticipated movies based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit.”
Our friend Jack, from the Noldor blog, posted a piece of indisputable evidence on his site and shared it will us. In ran in the Wellington Dominion Post and looks to be pretty authentic. More text and a big reproduction of the ad after the break. Continue reading “Wanted: Tall or short people for ‘The Hobbit’”