Lawrence French writes: While watching the extended DVD version of LORD OF THE RINGS: RETURN OF THE KING the other night, I was once again enthralled by the magnificence of the production, and thought back to several of the interviews I had done on the movie that never made it into CFQ’s December 2003 issue on the film. Director Peter Jackson had grown up in New Zealand as an avid reader of CFQ, so I had virtually unlimited access to anyone I wanted to speak with about the making of the picture. Unfortunately, by that time, Cinefantastique founder-publisher-editor Fred Clarke was no longer at the helm of the magazine, so what would have certainly been a deluxe double issue if Fred had been in control, containing comprehensive material on the first fantasy film to ever win a best picture Oscar (and ten others), ended up cut down the to a mere 15 pages! Supernal Dreams: Tolkien artist Alan Lee on designing middle-earth for “Lord of the Rings”