bbc-wordsoffantasy.jpgSusanne lets us in on a documentary ‘The Worlds of Fantasy’ airing on BBC4 in the UK. “The Worlds of Fantasy: Documentary series about fantasy fiction tells how, in the 1950s, JRR Tolkien and Mervyn Peake created texts that revolutionised and popularised the genre.”

Susanne continues: Great programme half of which is about Tolkein and other about Mervyn Peake. Watchers in the UK can access this via the BBC website for the next 6 days. Not sure if you can access it elsewhere but this the link. Very good interviews with other authors acknowledging their debt to Tolkein, TV footage of the Professor and comments from Tom Shipley and other Tolkein experts. Hope at least some Ringers can access this. Keep the good work and fingers crossed for the Hobbit! [Watch the Episode (UK Only)]

Billy BoydClaire writes: Billy Boyd is starring in a new series on BBC4 called “Empty”. It’s about “Jacky and Tony …just two ordinary guys, spending their days rummaging through the empty flats of people who have departed.” There are more details on the BBC website. You can see the first episode on the BBC iPlayer site for the next five days. The rest of the series should be available on BBC iPlayer for seven days after each transmission (Thursdays at 10.00pm GMT).