There is a new hotel in Spain that allows visitors to stay in hobbit holes, just like in the Shire! These hobbit houses can hold up to 6 people, are semi-buried and ecological. You can read more about it here. From the article:

Mi Tresoro, or My Treasure, has three semi-buried, grass-roofed apartments with space for six people each. They are bioclimatic, ecological and integrate perfectly into the natural environment. To complete the full Lord of the Rings experience, visitors can look forward to guided visits to fishing districts, ports, fish markets, brotherhoods and museums in the area. On the lake, customers may also opt for some recreational fishing, paddle surfing, kayaking and much more. Not a bad holiday, all in all—and certainly an easier ride than the poor Bagginses. There are no nasty Orcs or Dark Lords to fear here.

While this new hotel may not be as extensive as Hobbiton in Matamata, New Zealand, the hobbit holes in Spain allow you to not only go inside but spend the night. Time to add another stop to the Tolkien tourism list for after the pandemic!