Barliman's Chat This Saturday at 6pm ET, Hall of Fire rejoins the four Hobbits on the Barrows Downs as we resume our Fellowship of the Ring read-through.

‘Splendid!’ said Frodo. ‘If we make as good going this afternoon as we have done this morning, we shall have left the Downs before the Sun sets and be jogging on in search of a camping place.’

FoTR Book 1, Chapter 7: Fog on the Barrow-Downs

Unfortunately for the four, dense fog closes in while they nap after lunch by an ancient standing stone on a bare hill. They lose each other in the clammy, misty conditions and fall into deadly peril when a Barrow-wight captures them.

Tom proves the saviour, but what of Frodo’s desperate, frightened courage? Is it here that we begin to see the inner-strength and determination that will later carry him and his burden all the way to Mordor? And what would have possibly happened if he had put on the Ring?

What of the Barrow-wights? What are they? Why do they hoard gold and jewellry? Who is the dark lord the Wight refers to? And what brought them to the downs? And just how much more do we learn about Middle-earth’s long, and often tragic, history here?

So us this Saturday, June 23 at 6.00pm ET (New York time), when we’ll discuss all this and much more as we continue our Fellowship of the Ring read-through!

The Barrow Downs by Alex Lioce.

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