Welcome to the Week in Tolkien Cosplay!  Each week we’ll be picking a few of our favorite Tolkien-inspired costumes.  If you’d like to be considered for an upcoming post, please send in your photo and the following information to cosplay@theonering.net:

  • Name (can be a nickname if you’d rather not have your secret identity revealed)
  • Who you are cosplaying as
  • Photographers name (if known)
  • A short bio (such as: who made the costume, how long it took to make, and any other details about it you’d like to share




Name: Brianna Crawford3c8b4a19-58e0-40cc-8274-1d42938dea21

Character: Nazgul/Ring-wraith

Photographer: Luke Caruana

Bio: This was my first costume and altogether it was about 3 months of work. It means a lot to me to recreate a costume as realistically as possible, especially in the case of something Tolkien related. I chose the best fabric and dyed each section in slightly different shades, then constructed the headpiece and fake shoulders, which allowed for a completely empty head-space as well as extra intimidating height. I had limited vision of course, but it was so worth it when I saw the public’s reaction!





Name: Schildmaid Éowyn0af39650-adfa-45c6-ae6c-93984673c371

Character: Éowyn

Photographer: Gerd Schaefer

Bio: When I first saw the Lord of the Rings movies Éowyn became my favorite character. So I started making all of her movie costumes. The dark blue dress she is wearing at Théodred’s funeral is my favorite one. The most difficult task was making the embroidery of the cloak, which took me several weeks to make… and about 7 months to complete the entire costume.






Name:  Pinkkatsyah0e58deb9-cf1f-46b3-abd5-12518aa1550c

Character:  Balin

Photographer:  The Darkroom of Dreams

Bio:  I have loved Balin as a character ever since I first read The Hobbit and I was not disappointed by his design in the movies. My friend helped me with the costume, painstakingly hand drawing the patterns on the coat while I painted the patterns on the trims. I added on the widow’s peak for the wig and the beard is altered from a Gandalf beard. This costume remains to be one of my favorite costumes ever and I am glad to have cos-ed him.