Welcome to the Week in Tolkien Cosplay! Each week, we’ll be picking a few of our favorite Tolkien-inspired costumes.  If you’d like to be considered for an upcoming post, please send in your photo and the following information to cosplay@theonering.net :

  • Name (can be a nickname if you’d rather not have your secret identity revealed)
  • Who you are cosplaying as
  • Photographers name (if known)
  • A short bio (such as: who made the costume, how long it took to make, and any other details about it you’d like to share




Name:  Cos4Fune3dcc56e-177a-48b1-9d2e-388d149387d8
Character: Witch King of Angmar
Photographer: Alexander Lehn
Bio:  The complete costume was made by myself in beginning 2015 and it was the start of my Tolkien cosplay experiences. Since then some other Tolkien cosplays followed (Tauriel, Dunedain ranger, hunter orc) and I am sure there are more coming. Whenever a piece of the Witch King cosplay was done I decided to make one more, and one more and so it was going on and is still going (at the moment I am working on the maybe last missing piece – a morgul blade). I love it to work with different kind of materials and for the Witch King cosplay I used a lot: craft foam, carton, thermoplastics, filler, expanding foam, metal, etc.






Name: Victoria Gridley (The Gridler)image4 (1)

Character: Radagast the Brown

Photographer: SnapHappyIan

Bio: Radagast took me about two really fun weeks to complete! He’s such a character.






Name: Erik Keith, Gigawatts, Aaron Thompson, Ashcosplay group

Characters:  Kili, Galadriel, Bilbo, Thorin

Photographer:  Krashly

Bio:  Our group of friends loved the costume design from The Hobbit movies. So, we decided to enter Emerald City Comic Con’s costume contest and ended up taking home 1st place in the Group category. We loved working together so
much that, afterwards, some of us got together with one of our favorite photographers for a huge shoot on Tiger Mountain in Seattle, WA.







Name:  Doug Cottrell11e3c4b1-6eea-4dac-b19c-65f6dd648efe

Character:  Aragorn

Photographer:  Unknown

Bio:  I’m a hobby costumer, with several Star Wars costumes under my belt. I’d wanted to do a LotR costume for some time. I built this costume over several months, and hand made the shirt, boots, and fellowship cape (not pictured). I had commissioned leather craftspeople to make the suede vest and the belt. I bought a wig online and had it professionally styled. This was originally a Halloween costume that I’ve been upgrading to make more authentic. Most recently I acquired a realistic sword and sheath.