This Saturday (6pm ET) in The Hall of Fire we’ll be turning our attention to Finarfin, the youngest son of Finwë and Indis.

But at the rear went Finarfin and Finrod, and many of the noblest and wisest of the Noldor; and often they looked behind them to see their fair city, until the lamp of the Mindon Eldaliéve was lost in the night.

Finarfin, son of Finwë

Finarfin is little mentioned as events build to the departure of the Noldor from Valinor. But what role might he have played? Would he have been a peacemaker? Might he have taken sides?

For, when it comes to the crunch, Finarfin refuses to follow Feanor into exile. Dismayed by the words of Mandos and disillusioned by the slaughter of the Teleri at Alqualondë, he returns to Tirion with a small group of Noldor.

What does all this say about Finarfin?

One wonders if he had second thoughts along the way. What does it cost him to say no? After all, he is forced to say farewell to his Finrod, Galadriel, Angrod, Aegnor and Orodreth, who all would not forsake the sons of Fingolfin.

1edc58e8fbd784510e8e9978aa659291The Sons of Finwe by daLomacchi.

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Saturday January 30: Turgon, Lord of Gondolin

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