Late in the Third Age, Aragorn served in the armies of King Thengel of Rohan (Théoden’s father) and of Steward Ecthelion II of Gondor (father of Denethor). To conceal his identity, he used the pseudonym “Thorongil”.

This Saturday at 6pm ET in the Hall of Fire, we’ll be chatting about this period of Aragorn’s life.

Other tasks now call me, lord, and much time and many perils must pass, ere I come again to Gondor, if that be my fate.

Aragorn as Thorongil, the Eagle of the Star

As Thorongil, Aragorn played a key role strengthening the resolve and capacity of Gondor and Rohan at a time when Sauron had just returned openly to Mordor, and Sauron’s allies were becoming more threatening.

This culminated when he led an seaborne assault on Umbar, destroying many ships and killing the lord of the Corsairs. Afterwards, Thorongil left Gondor and travelled East.

But was that his entire purpose? What legacy did Thorongil leave, not just for Thengel and Ecthelion, but for their successors? And to what extent does the rivalry that arose between Denethor and Thorongil, and its effects decades later, negate the benefits of his actions?

The Corsairs of Umbar by Joan Wyatt.

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Saturday January 23: Finarfin son of Finwe

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