This weekend (Saturday November 21 at 6pm EST), Hall of Fire will be discussing the life and achievements of that most talented (and, perhaps, most-troubled) of elves, Fëanor.

Here once was light, that the Valar begrudged to Middle-earth, but now dark levels all. Shall we mourn here deedless for ever, a shadow-folk, mist-haunting, dropping vain tears in the thankless sea? Or shall we return to our home?

In Cuiviénen sweet ran the waters under unclouded stars, and wide lands lay about, where a free people might walk. There they lie still and await us who in our folly forsook them.

Come away! Let the cowards keep this city!

Fëanor, the Spirit of Fire

Fëanor, the mightiest of the children of Illuvatar. Blessed with unequalled talent, but also marred by a spirit that burned too hotly. Feanor created the greatest works of elven craftsmanship, but he also caused the greatest tragedies of the elves.

Fëanor and his followers pursued Morgoth to Middle-earth and drove towards Angband at once. In a fey charge Feanor was slain by Gothmog the Lord of the balrogs, his like never to be seen again in Middle-earth.

It is hard, if not impossible, to find a character who makes a greater impact in Tolkien’s mythology. The Oath of Fëanor shapes the destinies of elves and men from the First Age to the end of the Third Age. Who is he really this spirit of fire? What shaped him and drove him? How important were his mother’s premature death and his following estrangement of his father’s new family? What good came of his deeds and what evils?

Join us on Saturday November 21 at 6pm EST when we’ll be examining all this and more as we talk about Fëanor.

Upcoming discussions

Saturday November 21: Fëanor
Saturday November 28: The Rankin/Bass animated Hobbit

two_princes_feanor_by_dalomacchi-d4shi2dFëanor by daLomacchi.

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