This weekend in TORn’s Hall of Fire, we’ll be chatting about one of the more obscure elves of The Lord of the Rings: Gildor Inglorien.

‘I am Gildor,’ answered their leader, the Elf who had first hailed him. ‘Gildor Inglorion of the House of Finrod. We are Exiles, and most of our kindred have long ago departed and we too are now only tarrying here a while, ere we return over the Great Sea. But some of our kinsfolk dwell still in peace in Rivendell. Come now, Frodo, tell us what you are doing? For we see that there is some shadow of fear upon you.’

Gildor Inglorien: proto-typical high elf?

Gildor is the first named elf that Frodo (and we, the readers) meet in The Fellowship of the Ring. As such he’s rather important: he and his travelling kin provide our first glimpse of the nature and temparament of High Elves (and first impressions are always vital, right?) in Tolkien’s world.

But what inferences can we draw from how he and his folk deal with Frodo and his companions? And how does that differ from the elves we see later in The Lord of the Rings: especially fellow Noldor such as Glorfindel, Elrond and Galadriel?

There’s also the peculiar matter of Gildor’s heritage. Inglorien means “son of Inglor”, which was the name that Tolkien gave Finrod Fealgund in some of his early Silmarillion drafts. Thus, could Gildor really be a son of Finrod? What other explanations are possible?

Join us this Saturday (Aug 29) at 6pm EDT when we’ll discuss all these questions and more as we examine the mysterious and perplexing case of Gildor Inglorien.

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Alan_Lee_-_Frodo_meets_GildorFrodo meets Gildor by Alan Lee.

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