It’s no secret that the artists of Weta Workshop who brought both Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit to life are an insanely talented bunch, but have you ever wondered what they’ve been up to post Middle-earth? Aside from contributing to multiple other films and their own projects, several have been collaborating on a wonderful series of books showcasing their Fantasy and Science Fiction art: White Cloud Worlds. New Zealand’s Maori name is Aotearoa, which means “the land of the long white cloud,” and given that the art is all Kiwi-made, well, you get the picture! Several of the art pieces included were also inspired by Middle-earth.

The covers of Volumes 1 & 2
The covers of Volumes 1 & 2

Books one and two have already been released, and book three is due out in November.  This new volume is said to contain over 200 images, showcasing the work of 60 New Zealand artists, several of whom include such Middle-earth artists as:

Gus Hunter, Weta Workshop Designer, LOTR & The Hobbit

Ben Wootten, Weta Workshop Designer, LOTR

Paul Tobin, Weta Workshop Designer, The Hobbit

Jamie Beswarick, Weta Workshop Designer, LOTR & The Hobbit

Andrew Baker, Weta Workshop Designer, The Hobbit

Lindsey Crummett, Weta Workshop Designer, The Hobbit

Nick Keller, Weta Workshop Designer, The Hobbit

Steve Wheeler, 3 Foot 7 Weapons Maker, The Hobbit

Claire Tobin, Weta Digital Creatures Department, The Hobbit

Johnny Fraser Allen, Weta Workshop Designer, The Hobbit

Ben Stenbeck, Storyboard Artist and Designer, LOTR

Imery Watson, Weta Digital Visual Effects, LOTR

Monique Hamon (WCW Book Designer), Weta Workshop Book Designer, The Hobbit Chronicles

Isaac Hamon (WCW Marketing and Social Media), Oin Stunt Double and Motion Capture Performer, The Hobbit

Tanya Marriott, Weta Workshop Prosthetics technician LOTR

Garry Buckley, Concept Modelmaker 3 Foot 7 The Hobbit

And others …

The cover of Volume 3

You can get your hands on a copy via the link below, and there is even an option for your book to be signed by some of the artists. The best part for those of us not in NZ is that, if purchased through the link below, your book will ship to you for free!

Link: click here.