We’ve been inundated with question about how to find out what theater in what cities will be carrying the Hobbit extended edition trilogy showings, now all but confirmed to be scheduled during the first two weeks of October. So far, we’ve only had confirmations from readers in U.S. locations. But, it turns out there might be an easy way to find out more.

TORn staffer Justin recommends doing a search at movietickets.com at this link. The current link is designed to search for movie times for BOFTA, but can easily be re-set for the other two movies. Remember that not all theaters in your area may have it on their schedule yet, so until we get more definitive official information, don’t despair just yet if your local theater doesn’t appear on the search. Another thing to note is, when I did a search on my area, my local theater’s date for BOFTA was Wednesday, October 14, not the 13th as we reported yesterday. So, it appears that each theater may have some leeway as to when it’s going to be shown, or the dates aren’t set in stone yet.

Unfortunately, this particular search is designed to enter a U.S. zip code. But don’t despair just yet either if you’re not a U.S. resident. There are undoubtedly similar movie search sites for the country you live in. If you find them, and more importantly, if you find showings in locations outside the U.S., let us know.

Regarding questions as to whether we’ll be publishing a list of all the theaters that will be showing the trilogy, the answer is: no. With today’s search engine’s, and cell phones, it’s easy enough to do your own search or call your local theater, not to mention that such a list could be hundreds of theaters long and we’d rather spend our time bringing you new articles, and updates to articles, like this one.