This Saturday at 6pm EDT (New York time), we’ll be resuming our regular chapter discussions of The Hobbit in Hall of Fire, joining Thorin and Company as they finally reach their destination — the Lonely Mountain.

“They were at the end of their journey, but as far as ever, it seemed, from the end of their quest.”

The Hobbit Chapter 11 — On the Doorstep

The journey is over, the real adventure is about to begin. But why is the party so dispirited? Where is Smaug, the terrible guardian of the treasures of Erebor? Why does Thorin begin by exploring the front gate, and what does it say about the dwarves that they start thinking of sending Bilbo in through the front entrance when the side door initially proves difficult to open?

Things look grim, but would Gandalf have ever allowed the company to set out on a doomed Quest?

Join us tomorrow (Saturday June 27 at 6pm EDT) in #thehalloffire on when we’ll discuss these questions and many others as we look at Chapter 11 of ‘The Hobbit’ — On The Doorstep.

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The Front Gate by J.R.R. Tolkien

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