one last party legion hall 5 The countdown is on!

With less than seven hours to go before The One Last Party kicks off at the Hollywood Legion in Hollywood, our staff are at the venue putting the finishing touches on everything. We’re super-excited and looking forward to seeing all our guests, supporters and VIPs there a little later on.

Some quick reminders…

First up, the party starts at 5.30pm and goes until midnight.

  • All tickets are “will-call”. Your Indiegogo email and name are on our list. There are no physical tickets; bring ID and we’ll cross your name off our list.
  • Dinner + show check-in.If you are Expected Party Goers, Rivendell Revellers or one of our VIPs, check-in is 5:30-6.30pm. VIPs should head to the left-hand side of the building; all other party goers check in at the front!
  • Dinner buffet. To avoid queuing issues, we’re dividing this into three groups: ‘Dwarven Feast’, ‘Hobbit Feast’ and ‘Elven Feast’. You’ll receive a dinner ticket at check in. Simply head to ‘Rohan’ (the dining area) at the time shown on your ticket.
  • Show-only. Entish Entertainment folks, your check-in starts at 8:00pm.
  • FREE live stream. If you’re unable to make it, tune in on our free live stream at!
  • Bring cash. We are operating a cash bar. Credit cards require a $20 minimum but you can run a tab against your card. We will also have some amazing silent auction items and goodies for sale in ‘Rivendell’ (our party store).
  • Party Store. Credit cards will be accepted in ‘Rivendell’. Cash is a lot easier for the purchase of Raffle tickets, but not a requirement. This is also where you can claim your shirt and button if you are a Rivendell Reveller.
  • Goody Baggins. You can collect your Goody Baggins at the end of the night! Expected Party Goers and Rivendell Revellers will receive a Goody Bag coupon – at check-in which you’ll exchange for your bag as you leave.

Want your name on our Thank-you PJ card?

Also, for anyone who would like to get their name on the big thank-you card that we are currently preparing to Peter Jackson, you can still contribute!

Simply follow this Paypal link to donate and claim this perk: Donate and get your name on our Thank-you PJ Card.

Thank-you to our sponsors and supporters!

Finally big thanks to our key sponsors and supporters: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Premiere Events, Sideshow Collectibles, Middle-earth Wines, New Zealand Tourism, Badali Jewelry, L Ron Halfelven, plus the entire Tolkien community — this event would not have been possible without your backing!

See you all at the party very soon!