CouncilALLWHP The World Hobbit Project is a collaborative survey examining what ‘fantasy’ means to people in different parts of the world, and how they used it to add to their lives.

Following up on previous research conducted on Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings films over 10 years ago, this project involves 146 researchers from 45 different countries around the world.

Since December 1 last year, more than 30,000 people have taken the survey. However, the project coordinators are hoping to get more responses to improve the confidence in cross-cultural comparisons they want to make.

Some of the issues they are looking at include;

  • Who loves, and who criticises the films?
  • What difference does knowledge of the book make?
  • How do people value Martin Freeman’s performance as Bilbo?
  • Who takes part in online activities, and how do these affect responses?
  • How are the films received in countries as diverse as Australia, South Africa, Japan, India, and Finland?
  • When people think about their reactions to the story, what larger communities do they feel they are part of?


The project is independent of any commercial enterprises involved with The Hobbit films,, and the researchers will make all the results of their research publicly available.

Once we have completed our own work on the database, the entire body of data and materials will be placed in the public domain for other researchers to use in whatever way they choose — and for future generations of Hobbit and Tolkien followers to enjoy!

The survey is available in 35 languages. It takes around 20 minutes to complete.

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