Barliman's Chat “In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit.”

It’s one of literature’s most famous opening lines. The hobbit Bilbo Baggins is smoking a pipe and minding his own business when Gandalf the wizard arrives, offering adventure.

The Hobbit Ch 1: An Unexpected Party

Bilbo, comfortable in his Bag End home, isn’t keen on anything remotely adventurous. But fate has other ideas. The very next day Bilbo — and without so much as a pocket handkerchief — is off on a grand adventure in the company of Gandalf, and 13 dwarves keen to avenge their forefathers against the dragon, Smaug.

Having just concluded an extended (and extensive) analysis of The Lord of the Rings, Hall of Fire is now embarking on a series of book-based Hobbit chats over coming weekends that will delve into Tolkien’s text chapter-by-chapter.

Join us tomorrow on Saturday January 10 at 5pm EST in #thehalloffire in our IRC chatrooms where we’ll delve into the first chapter “An Unexpected Party” and discuss the nature of Hobbits and their customs, Bilbo’s near-disastrous tea party and our initial impression of the Dwarves and Gandalf.


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8.00am AEST (Sunday) Brisbane
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How long do your topic chats go for?

Our chats usually last from an hour to ninety minutes, and are very newbie friendly. Simply drop in and join the conversation! However, our main room, is open 24 hours a day. We don’t always talk Tolkien there, but if you have a burning question, you’ll usually find one or two of “the regulars” up for a chat!

Where — connection details

Chat happens on #thehalloffire on — the TORn IRC server. It is based on internet relay chat technology (that means it’s hella old skool). It’s a text-only, moderated chat room full of eccentric Tolkien fans. We’re open 24/7 (although some times are busier and more active than others).

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