A45-UC3108.imageUnited Cutlery has a brand new item that we have the chance to show off you all for the first time.

This new staff is for Gandalf the Grey and is the staff we see him carry after being rescued from Dol Guldur. What once was the staff of Radagast the Brown goes on to be used by Gandalf in the final Hobbit movie as well as The Fellowship of the Ring. Measuring 69″ tall this superb replica can be added to your collection right now for $175 with it shipping in April of next year. A nice touch for those that order this is that you not only get the staff but Gandalf’s pipe and nail, which he uses to clean his pipe after a fine smoke.





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one last party logo We’re hosting a Party of Special Magnificence next February — a toast to all SIX movies, both LOTR trilogy and The Hobbit.

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