Hobbit_3_Horizontal_Teaser There are a bunch of premieres happening round the world next month for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.

Here are the ones we know of so far, plus details for a few competitions to win tickets to attend! Often, tickets to premieres are not available to the general public. But Paris and Brazil seems to be a exceptions this time round.

London World Premiere
Date: Monday December 1
Where: Leicester Square

Cineworld comp | Evangeline Lilly fundraiser comp | Virgin Mobile comp | Air NZ comp

Paris Premiere
Date: December 4
Location: Le Grand Rex Cinema

Cast will be present, and tickets are open to the public. Check here for details.

Canadian Premiere
Date: December 6
Location: Toronto

There are a few comps going to win a trip to Toronto to attend the Canadian premiere and attend the official after-party. The Virginmobile one also allows you to have a go to win tix to London, or other Canadian screenings. We understand Lee Pace will be there.

HMV comp | Virgin Mobile comp | EBGames comp

Mexico Premiere
Date: December 6
Location: Auditorio Naciona

We understand Peter Jackson, Evangeline Lily and Luke Evans will all be attending.

Brazil Premiere
Date: December 7
Location: Sao Paulo

Special screening details including a Q&A with Richard Armitage.

New York
Date: December 8
Location: TBC

We understand a premiere in New York of some sort is planned: charity VIP tickets were auctioned for the event several months ago. Additionally, fans tell us of a group called VIP Ticket Stand that appears to be selling tickets to the event for several thousand dollars apiece. Warner Bros. informs us that they do not work with this group, so we urge you to be wary in order to avoid being disappointed.

Los Angeles
Date: December 9
Location: The Chinese Theatre

Note: this date hasn’t been fully confirmed, and at this point should only be considered a strong rumour.

Wellington cast & crew screening
Date: TBC
Location: Embassy Theatre