10296565_667417219960553_4075720695665026947_n On the TORn messageboards, Ringer caglarkuraner reports some interesting news on when we might see the main trailer for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.

According to information from Norwegian film distributor SF Norway AS — Warner Bros. distributor in that country — the main trailer will be released on November 6.

Ringer TheHutt from Henneth-Annun.ru, who has strong links with Russian distributors for the films, reports that this aligns closely with what he’s heard. One also notes that this also more or less slots in with the release date(s) for the Warner Bros. SF flick Interstellar.

Many have observed that Peter Jackson indicated the trailer would pop up “around October”, and within a slight margin of error this fits. We’ll be keeping a close eye on Alberta film and trailers classification website and the BBFC for additional confirmation over the next couple days.