DesolationOfSmaugEECover One of the little extras on The Desolation of Smaug Extended Edition is a clip of Benedict Cumberbatch’s original audition tape for The Hobbit.

In the clip, Cumberbatch reveals that two audition versions were shot — one showing his face, and one directed at the floor. He was especially keen to get some movement into his audition.

I’d imagined it’d be motion capture, there might be a bit of movement [in the role].

So I did a few head movements and serpentine stuff with my neck and got my shoulders working a bit. And Dan went very quiet, and I asked ‘Too much?’ and he went, ‘No, it was fine. I wasn’t expecting… it was good’.

But it seems only the latter was sent to Jackson and Boyen, who then cast Cumberbatch purely on his vocal strengths.

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