Minas Tirith bigature Peter Jackson has mused more than once how he’d like to have a Lord of the Rings museum in Wellywood somewhere. Now, fellow filmmaker George Lucas is wants to construct what he calls a Museum of Narrative Art in Chicago — and expressed a desire to include “movies that rely a great deal on design” with in it.

Lucas spoke with Charlie Rose at length during Chicago Ideas Week about the project describing his love of narrative art (art that tells a story) and his desire to build a place to showcase what he feels is an unappreciated art niche in modern society.

The museum will feature a Cinematheque┬áto explore the art of movies and the skill and techniques involved in developing and designing sets, props, and costumes. Lucas’ own films would be part of that, but so to would other films. Lucas nominated The Lord of the Rings specifically, raising the possibility the new museum could play host to a number of bigatures and props from Jackson’s films.

You can listen to the entire interview below, and Lucas specifically mentions LOTR at around the 4 min 50 secs mark.