Gandalf queue Barliman’s chat op Miriel writes to tell us that tickets for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies will begin in Finland on November 22.

Ready your elven cloaks and dig out your dwarven armour — it is time to lay siege of the Lonely Mountain! Or in other words, we have the date for the Finnish ticket sales to the Battle of Five Armies.

In Helsinki, eager fans will have the opportunity to queue outside of Tennispalatsi to get the first tickets. The sale there will begin at 7:30am on the morning of November 22.

Tickets will be available on the internet, other Finnkino cinemas, and Stockmann from 10am, or according to opening hours.

As in previous years, fans queuing at Tennispalatsi will be let inside on the evening of November 21, and the cinema will be showing movies all night long. Schedules and available movies will be posted next month.

Spontaneous singing, tonnes of laughter, amazing outfits and frozen toes are guaranteed if you dare venture out into the cold to stand in line. See you there!