1:28:38 – After Bard frees the dwarves and Bilbo from the barrels, they head toward Bard’s home.

Bilbo:  What is this place?

Thorin:  This, Master Baggins, is the world of Men.

A Laketown guard spots them and orders them to stop.  They take off running, but are soon cornered by another guard.  The dwarves and Bilbo attack the guards, and quickly knock them out with pots, pans, and mops.   The dwarves, and some of the townsfolk, hide the unconscious guards just as another, Braga, appears.  Braga has a look around but doesn’t see anything amiss.


Bard:  Her Braga, your wife would look lovely in this.

Braga:  What do you know of my wife?

Bard:  I know her as well as any man in this town.

Braga gets angry and storms off.

The company leave, and arrive at Bard’s house, where they are greeted by his son.


1:39:22 – As the dwarves and Bilbo are sneaking into the armory to get weapons, the scene shifts to the Master of Laketown’s home.  Alfrid is standing on the balcony.

Master:  Prophecy?  Who dragged up that old nonsense?

Alfrid:  People, sire.  They’re gathering in the streets.  They’re saying that a king will return to the Lonely Mountain, and that the rivers will once more run with gold.


Master:  Rivers of gold?  Poppy(burps)cock.

Alfrid:  As you say, sire.  But people will believe what they want to believe.  It’s been a long time since they’ve seen any riches.  The old tales offer them hope.

The scene shifts back to the armory and the dwarves grabbing as many weapons as they can carry.


1:42:25 – After Thorin promises the citizens of Laketown that if they help them, they will be rewarded with riches.  The celebration is interrupted by Alfrid.

Alfrid:  Why should we take you at your word, eh?  We don’t know nothing about you.  Who here can vouch for your character?

Bilbo, standing in the crowd, raises his hand.

Bilbo:  Me.  I’ll vouch for him.  Now, I have travelled far with these dwarves through great danger, and if Thorin Oakenshield gives his word, then he will keep it.


1:47:25 – As the dwarves climb into their boats and leave Laketown, the scene cuts to the Master and Alfrid walking back to the Masters home.  Guards walk in front of them, pushing townsfolk out of the way.

Alfrid:  Masterfully handled, sire.  Your popularity has never been so high.  The entire town twittering your name.

Master:  Yes, it was rather clever.  Either our little friends return triumphant, in which case I stand to make a pretty penny.   Or old Smaug dines on dwarf for a day or two.  The important thing is they’re off our hands.

Just as they are about the enter the Master’s home, Fili stops them.


Fili:  Please, wait!  Please!  We need your help, my brother is sick!

Master:  Sick?? is it infectious?  Get back!  Alfrid, get them back!

Oin:  Please, we need medicine.

Alfrid:  Do I look like an apothecary?  Haven’t we given you enough?  The Master’s a busy man.  He hasn’t got time to worry about sick dwarves.  Be gone.  Will you go on?  Clear off!

Master:  What this town needs, Alfrid, is a good purge.  Starting with a certain troublemaker who saw fit to question my authority.


1:49:15 – Additional footage of the dwarves and Bilbo climbing the Lonely Mountain, and arriving at Dale.  A thrush flies by them.

IMG_0468 (1)

Bilbo:  So quiet.

Balin:  Wasn’t always like this.  Once, these slopes were lined with woodlands.  The trees were filled with birdsong.


1:52:18 –  Gandalf enters Dol Guldur, and walks into a chamber.  He hears something.  The scene cuts back to the dwarves and Bilbo searching for the entrance to Erebor.  Cut back to Gandalf.

Gandalf:  The evil that is hidden here, I command it reveal itself!


Gandalf walks into a courtyard, and hears something.  We see a figure high up, and pounces down onto Gandalf.  After a scuffle, Gandalf pushes the figure off him, and off of a ledge.  Gandalf runs down and chases after him.  Gandalf runs through corridors, hearing growls around him, and we see the figure chasing him.  Suddenly the figure leaps out and attacks Gandalf again.  Gandalf tackles the figure, puts his hand on the figure’s head, and begins chanting.  The figure begins to calm down.

Gandalf:  Thrain, son of Thror.  My old friend.


Thrain:  Gandalf?

Gandalf smiles with relief.

Thrain:  A lifetime.  I’ve been here a lifetime.

Gandalf:  I’m so sorry I gave you up for dead.

Thrain: I had a son.  (quick flashback to the Battle of Moria)  Thorin!

Gandalf:  And you will see him again.  Come, we must leave.

Thrain:  The Orcs had Moria.  War…we were at war.  I was surrounded.  The Defiler.  Azog the Defiler had come.  (flashback to battle)  We see Azog approach Thrain on the battlefield and knock him down.  We also see the Dwarven Ring of Power on Thrain’s hand. (flashback ends).  Gandalf lifts Thrain’s hand…and his ring is missing, along with his ringfinger.

Thrain:  They took it.

Gandalf:  The last of the Seven.  Come, let’s get you out of here.

Thrain:  There is no way out!  They will stop you!  The serpents will stop you!

We then see some vines start to move, but Gandalf dismisses it as an illusion.  Thrain then reveals that he had been tortured by the Orcs, but had told them nothing of the map and key to Erebor.  Gandalf tells Thrain that he would be very proud of Thorin, and his quest, but Thrain becomes upset and tells Gandalf that no one should enter the mountain.


2:09:21 – Back to Thrain and Gandalf, running through Dol Guldur.

Thrain:  He is waiting for them!  They are in league – the dragon and the one!

Azog jumps out and attacks Gandalf, knocking him to the ground.  Gandalf stops Azog with his staff, then looking over the ledge, sees the army of Orcs and wargs.   Gandalf uses the power of his staff to escape with Thrain.  Gandalf destroys the bridge, and then is confronted by the Necromancer.  (note:  scene is the same as the theatrical edition, only with Thrain added back in).


Thrain looks up at Gandalf:  Tell Thorin I love him.  Will you do that?  Will you tell my son that I loved him?

Gandalf:  You will tell him yourself.

Thrain:  It’s too late.

Tendrils of smoke whip out from the Necromancer, grabbing Thrain and killing him.


So that’s it!  What do you think of the 25 minutes of footage?  Are there any scenes that you were hoping would get added?  Let us know in the comments!

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