DesolationOfSmaugEECover The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Extended Edition is out today as a download from iTunes!

As we did last year with An Unexpected Journey EE, TOR.n has compiled detailed descriptions and screencaps from the 25 minutes of extended footage in The Desolation of Smaug.








3:26 – At the Prancing Pony, after Gandalf asks Thorin what he is doing in Bree, Thorin responds that he received word that his father (Thrain) had been seen wandering the wilds of Dunland, but did not find him.  Thorin then tells Gandalf that he’s like all the others, and thinks that Thrain in dead.  “I was not at the Battle of Moria”, Gandalf says. “No”, answers Thorin, “but I was”.

Flashback to the battle shown in An Unexpected Journey; After Thror was slain, Thrain tries to restrain Thorin from running after Azog.



Thrain: Azog means to kill us all! One by one, he will destroy the line of Durin.  But by my life, he shall not take my son!

Thorin (voiceover): My father lead a charge toward the Dimril gate, but he never returned.  Thrain is gone, they told me.  He is one of the fallen.  But at the end of that battle I searched amongst the slain, to the last body.  My father was not among the dead.

Gandalf (back at the Prancing Pony) Thorin, it’s been a long time since anything but rumor was heard of Thrain.

Thorin: He still lives, I am sure of it!

Gandalf: The ring your grandfather wore. one of seven given to the Dwarf Lords many years ago…what became of it?

Thorin: He gave it to my father before they went into battle.

Gandalf: So Thrain was wearing it when he went missing…


16:00 – After Beorn shifts from bear to man, the scene cuts him entering the house and Bilbo seeing him.  It’s morning, and we see a quick shot of wood being chopped.  Bilbo wakes up, sees the bees, then joins the dwarves standing near the front door.  They are arguing about how to get away from Beorn without being seen.

Nori: I say we should leg it and slip out the back way!

Dwalin: I’m not running from anyone, beast or no.

Gandalf tells them there is no point in arguing, as they will be unable to make it to Mirkwood without Beorn’s help.  Gandalf decides to go outside and speak with Beorn.  He brings Bilbo with him.

Gandalf: This will require some delicate handling; we must tread carefully.  The last person to have startled him was torn to shreds.

Gandalf tells the dwarves to wait inside until he gives the signal that it’s safe to come out.

Bofur, looking out a high window, asks “What’s the signal”, but Gandalf and Bilbo have already gone.

Gandalf, clearly nervous, announces himself to Beorn, who is chopping wood.

“Good morning!…….’Good morning!’

Beorn stops and turns slowly to Gandalf.  “Who are you?”

Gandalf: I’m Gandalf.  Gandalf the Grey.

Beorn:  Never heard of him.

Gandalf: I’m a wizard!  Perhaps you’ve heard of my colleague, Radagast the Brown.  He resides in the southern borders of Mirkwood.

Beorn: What do you want?

Gandalf: Well, simply to thank you for your hospitality.  You may have noticed that we took refuge in your lodgins last night.

Bilbo, who had been hiding behind Gandalf, pokes his head around for a better look.  Beorn spots him and frowns.


Beorn: Who is this little fellow?

Gandalf: Well, this would be Mr. Baggins, of the Shire.

Beorn: He’s not a dwarf, is he?

Gandalf explains that Bilbo is a Hobbit, and from a good family.  Beorn asks them why there here, and Gandalf tries to explain the quest, while waving his arms animatedly.

Bofur, still watching from the window, takes the waving as Gandalf’s sign that they should come out.  Dwalin and Balin come out first, and introduce themselves.  Beorn is clearly not pleased to see them.  Gandalf confesses that there are more dwarves, and slowly the rest come out.  Thorin comes out last, and Beorn appears to recognize him.  Scene then cuts to the dwarves eating breakfast.

Note:  While Beorn is describing the Mirkwood elves (“Less wise, more dangerous”), the point of view shots are in a different order than the theatrical edition, although the dialogue is the same